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Infurnia Affiliate Program

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Our Affiliate program is free and very easy to join. With our single step approval process, you will be up and running within minutes of registering.
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Whether you are a blogger, an influencer, a large network or a content site, you can add links in an easy way, and monetize your website


Earn 10% of the first year's product billing in advertising fee. Earn from all products bought in the qualifying period, not just the product linked.

Affiliate Rates

You will be paid 10% of the selling price of any product or service bought by a customer you referred.

All purchases made by the customer you refer in a 12 month period starting from the date they first register with Infurnia will qualify for commission.

For a customer based anywhere outside the Republic Of India, you will get credits equal to 10% of the USD price paid by the customer. For example, if a customer in the USA buys $800 worth of products/services in the qualifying period, you will earn 80 credits for it.

For a customer based in the Republic of India, you will get credits equal to 10% of the dollar price calculated by converting the INR price paid by the customers to USD. The conversion factor used will be fixed at 1USD = INR 70. For example, if an India based customer buys Rs 35,000 worth of products/services, he will have paid a dollar equivalent amount of 35,000/70 = $500. So, you will get 50 credits from this customer.

Each credit is equivalent to 1 USD. You will be paid at the end of each month.