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Infurnia is a cloud-native BIM Design Software that enables you to intuitively implement BIM in your designs, collaborate easily, and faster across functions, and manage project data efficiently.

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Cloud-native BIM Software

BIM for all your Workflows

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Data, Not Files

No proprietary file formats. All your design data is stored on the cloud allowing you to benefit in multiple ways -
Single source of truth
No coordination issues arising out of multiple architects working on different files.
Data Access - anywhere, anytime
Seamlessly access all your design data from anywhere, including 3rd party software, using Infurnia APIs.
Share designs natively
Hassle-free sharing of models and project information with your customers, team, or contractors with just a link, no files.
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Version Control

- No loss of design data as every change is auto-saved in Infurnia. 
- Every change in the design is saved as a new time-stamped version, and you can easily switch back to any of these previous versions of the design.
- Experiment quickly by creating parallel versions of your design using Infurnia’s branching feature. 
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- Build together by working on the same design at the same time with your colleagues, with each one getting real-time updates of the others’ work.
- Invite colleagues and consultants to work on different parts of the design in parallel, and later merge everyone’s work into the same master design automatically.
- Share your design, tag collaborators, and add comments within the design itself. 
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Quantity Take-offs

- Convert your prospects to clients faster by automatically generating pricing quotation in real-time.
- Streamline your production & manufacturing by generating detailed Bill of Quantities ( BOQ) in a single click.
 - Execute your designs faster on-site with an organized and detailed list of component schedules for procurement and manufacturing .
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Design Documentation

- Speed up your design documentation by creating your own custom library of documentation templates.
- Reduce time and effort spent on creating working drawings by auto-generating plan and elevation views. 
 - Optimise your documentation workflow by performing revision tracking, dimensioning, tagging and creating detailed client presentations all in one place. 
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Project Management

-Our industry-first project management dashboard gives you complete control over managing roles, responsibilities, and access levels for different stakeholders.
-Oversee all your projects within your organisation in real-time with Infurnia's Project Hub. 
- Built-in design approval and design freeze workflows to ensure a more structured approach to decision making. 
- Create & manage your enterprise's unique product and material catalogue with a central admin portal.
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Why choose Infurnia?

BIM Information as Data, not files
Integrations & Extensions
Integrate Infurnia with any of your other systems like CRM, ERP, etc.
Access granular design data via APIs to extract the exact information you need
Create custom plugins to suit your workflow.
Version tracking in BIM Software
Flexible Licensing
Add / Remove users at any time from the Admin Portal.
Designers licenses charges on a pro-rata basis if canceled in the middle of a month
No charges for any non-designer users like Project Manager, Catalog Manager, etc.
BIM Software for all platforms
Platform Independent
Access Infurnia from any internet connected device
No device specific license; Login with the same account from any device
Access all your designs and data from anywhere

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