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Infurnia is a cloud-native BIM Software for professional architects that enables you to implement BIM in your designs in a seamless and integrated manner.

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Cloud-native BIM Software

BIM Software for Architects

information access

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Easily access detailed model information through visual programming
Access model information in any 3rd party software using Infurnia APIs
Export your model and model information in industry standard IFC4 format


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Create custom plugins to extend the functionality of the software to suit your custom needs
Modify any model or model property; extract any model information, and run custom scripts over it
Publish your plugins for just your team to use or publish it for everyone

built-in Collaboration

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Create multiple branches of your design; Invite teammates to work on different parts of the model
Structural Engineers, Energy Engineers and others can access required model information parallely without any file transfers
Give feedback, add comments related to any particular element within the software itself

custom Elements & properties

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Built-in architectural elements like walls, pillars, beams, stairs, etc with attached relevant properties
Create custom parametric elements using Infurnia's modeling tools
Add custom property fields for different types of elements based on your requirements

quantity takeoffs

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Easily extract material quantity takeoffs from your design
Create custom production booklets linked to model information and element properties
Create custom scripts to run analysis on top of the extracted data

Why choose Infurnia?

BIM Information as Data, not files
Information, not Files
All model information saved on the cloud; No design files
Access parts or all of the design data from 3rd party software using Infurnia APIs
Share models and model information with your customers, team, or contractors with just a link, no files
All Stakeholders always stay on the current version; Cloud data serves as the single source of truth
Version tracking in BIM Software
Version Tracking
Every single change to the model auto-saved on the cloud
Browse through your change history with details of the change and time of change
Switch to the model as it was at the time of any specific change
BIM Software for all platforms
Platform Independent
Access Infurnia from any internet connected device
No device specific license; Login with the same account from any device
Access all your designs and data from anywhere

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