Announcing Infurnia's IPO

On behalf of my entire team, it is my utmost pleasure to announce that Infurnia will undergo IPO in the month of June 2022 and will file for draft Red Herring Prospectus in April 2022.

The size of the IPO will be small compared to usual tech IPOs at a mere $4.2 million (Rs 32 Crore) raise at a very nominal valuation of $16 million. Lot size will be Rs 1 lakhs. Rs 16 Crore of investment (50% of the raise) will be reserved for retail investors amounting to 1600 lots and another Rs 16 Crore will be reserved for Non-Institutional Investors (NIIs). We will be bringing along many reputed angel investors and founders from Indian startup space to join as NII investors to Infurnia's IPO.

An early-stage startup IPO is not about 2x listing gain, it is about 10x growth in 3 years or even 100x in 6 years. Our first investors already stand at 18x return in the last 6 years and there is a lot of room to grow it further to a $2 Billion organization over next 6 years, delivering another 100x return from hereon. Infurnia operates in a very scalable and large addressable market segment of SaaS products for architecture, interior and construction industry. Our established counterpart, Autodesk Inc, is a $60 Billion behemoth listed in the US markets.

Like every startup, Infurnia has traversed through its highs and lows over the last 8 years. With strong determination, hard work and a lot of luck, we have overcome the challenges to reach this stage. An IPO is a giant step in any organization's journey. It is a dream for any founder out there. Reminds me of the famous dialogue from Om Shanti Om - 

इतनी शिद्दत से मैंने तुम्हे पाने की कोशिश की है,
कि हर जर्रे ने मुझे तुमसे मिलाने की साजिश की है |

And the announcement is incomplete without thanking this entire universe for helping us reach this stage. As I write this piece, the countless faces are crossing my thoughts who have helped Infurnia in many ways. My heartfelt gratitude and sincere thanks to each one of them. 

Please spread the word and help us make the Infurnia IPO a grand success. Join in the linkedin group below to stay updated on Infurnia IPO, as it unwraps in due course of time. Would love to see you participate and help us cross the chasm.

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