Architecture Design Software

Infurnia is a cloud-based Architecture Design Software that enables you to design buildings in a highly collaborative way. With Infurnia’s availability on all platforms, you can now work on your designs anytime, anywhere.

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Architecture Design Software


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Easily create detailed floor plans; Mark room name & room type
Add doors, windows, columns, beams to match your customers actual site
All designs seamlessly convert between 2D plan view and 3D view


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Create beautiful floor tiling patterns with easy to use & intuitive drafting tools
Create gable, hip, shed, flat roofs or any other type of custom roof
Use the drafting tool to create design patterns on walls, pillars or any other surfaces


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Use the powerful CAD engine embedded in the software to create custom 3D shapes
Easily do all the standard CSG operations like join, intersect, cut along with extrude, sweep, etc.
Save any custom 3D shape to your personal catalog for future designs


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Generate photo-realistic renders easily with Infurnia rendering service
Work on another design while the previous design renders
Download the entire scene as a file and render it on your own system


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Easily extract quantity takeoffs from your design
Create custom production drawing booklets linked to your design
Add pricing for your products and generate quotations for every design

Why choose Infurnia?

Catalog Management, Data Management for Architects
Admin Dashboard
Central Admin dashboard to manage your store
Create & Manage your personal product and material catalog
Manage access level & roles of different users
Project Hub for real-time view of all the projects created by your designers
Integrate Architecture Design Software with CRM, ERP
Access Infurnia from any internet connected device
No device specific license; Login with the same account from any device
Access all your designs and data from anywhere
Re-se Architectural Components in Software
reusable Components
Create custom components based on rules and constraints
Expose any component value as an editable parameter to be used while designing
Publish this component internally to make it available to your entire team

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