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Infurnia is a cloud-based Kitchen Design Software that enables you to design beautiful modular kitchens fast, and instantly generate pricing quotation, BOQ, cutting list, and manufacturing outputs

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Kitchen Design Software

2D/3D Floor Plan

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Easily create detailed floor plans; Mark room name & room type
Add doors, windows, columns, beams to match your customer's actual site
All designs seamlessly convert between 2D plan view and 3D view

Custom Cabinets

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Access hundreds of cabinets from the default Infurnia catalog
Customize the available cabinets and save them to your personal catalog
Create custom cabinets, wardrobes, TV units using Cabinet Designer

Easy Rendering

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Generate photo-realistic renders easily with Infurnia rendering service
Work on another design while the previous design renders
Download the entire scene as a file and render it on your own system

Bill of Materials

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Add hardware and material details to all cabinets in your personal catalog
Set up rules around hardware size and availability for different cabinets
Generate Bill of materials in a single click after designing

Price Quotation

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Add prices for all materials, finishes, hardware, and appliances in your catalog
In a single click, generate price for a design calculated based on actual materials used
Ability to edit prices on a cabinet basis post automatic price generation

Manufacturing Outputs

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Instantly generate accurate cutting list with all the material details
Generate drilling outputs that you can directly upload to your CNC machines
Generate detailed labels for each panel to ease production in your factory

Why Infurnia?

Catalog Management, Data Management for Architects
Admin Dashboard
Central Admin dashboard to manage your store
Create & Manage your personal product and material catalog
Manage access level & roles of different users
Project Hub for real-time view of all the projects created by your designers
Kitchen Design Software for all platforms
Custom Pricing & Rules
Create custom rules for ensuring manufacturability of designs
Create a custom pricing framework to price your products the way you want to
Create hardware rules to automate addition of installation hardware and other accesories
Easy to learn Kitchen Design Software
Easy to Learn
Extremely fast to learn; Built-in tutorials and real-time support
Easy to use floor plan and False ceiling creation tools
Drag & drop furniture & other objects from personal catalog
Smart Object Placement; Auto-rotation; Collision avoidance

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