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Infurnia is a cloud-based Interior Design Software that enables you to design beautiful interiors in a fast and easy way. With a large product catalog & custom shape tools, you can now create inspiring designs efficiently.

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Interior Design Software
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Easily create detailed interior floor plans in 2D and 3D
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Easily create detailed floor plans; Mark room name & room type
Add doors, windows, columns, beams to match your customers actual site
All designs seamlessly convert between 2D plan view and 3D view

Wall Design & Treatment

Wall Design & Treatment

Create custom tiling and ceiling patterns for your interior projects in just a few clicks
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Create custom false ceiling shapes; Add ceiling & cove lights
Create custom tiling patterns; Create multiple tiling patterns in a room
Decorate any wall by creating custom shapes & applying materials


modular dESIGNING

Design and customize cabinets , furniture units and wardrobes in bulk quantity
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Access hundreds of cabinets from the default Infurnia catalog
Customize the available cabinets and save them to your personal catalog
Create custom cabinets, wardrobes, TV units using Component Designer

custom catalog

custom catalog

Create, manage and access hundreds of cabinets for your clients
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Access large catalog of furniture, furnishings, appliances & props
Upload your own objects as 3D models; Create custom materials
Get access to catalogs shared by product companies

photorealistic renders

photorealistic renders

Generate photo-realistic 4K renders easily with Infurnia!
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Generate photo-realistic renders easily with Infurnia rendering service
Work on another design while the previous design renders
Download the entire scene as a file and render it on your own system

Why choose Infurnia?

Catalog Management, Data Management for Interior Designers
Admin Dashboard
Central Admin dashboard to manage your store
Create & Manage your personal product and material catalog
Manage access level & roles of different users
Project Hub for real-time view of all the projects created by your designers
Interior Design Software for all platforms
Platform Independent
Access Infurnia from any internet connected device
No device specific license; Login with the same account from any device
Access all your designs and data from anywhere
Easy to learn Interior Design Software
Easy to learn
Extremely fast to learn; Built-in tutorials and real-time support
Easy to use floor plan and False ceiling creation tools
Drag & drop furniture & other objects from personal catalog
Smart Object Placement; Auto-rotation; Collision avoidance

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