6 Benefits of Cloud-Based Software for Architects & Designers

Cloud computing software is the most prevalent technology every business is adopting. Industry leaders are recognising the benefits of the cloud in their businesses. Architecture is a sector which is at the forefront yet at the infancy stage in its adoption of the technology. Cloud-based software tackles a previous persistent problem of organizations keeping vital information on in-house servers which in turn had low off-site access. Despite a few challenges like first-time cost, security issues and network connection- there are many upsides to getting onto the cloud.

As per an article posted on the IBM website, there are four considerations for evaluating any cloud-based software. Infurnia cloud-based BIM software ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the services and products provided to their target users. The four considerations are- 

(1) Infrastructure and the cost the software implies; (2) Cloud platform design and efficiency; (3) Speed and Productivity; (4) Risk exposure

Here is why you should use Cloud-based Software.

1. Cost-Saving Effectiveness

Cloud software service provider is a subscription model for using their product. It's like renting a space on the cloud for your stuff. The user doesn't have to incur any costs like hardware or protection of their data. For example, Infurnia has subscription plans that the user can select from as per their need and budget to make use of the features of the software. The user’s designs, estimates and drawings are all on the Infurnia cloud, easily accessible from anywhere. 

2. Improved Data Security

One of the disinclinations business owners have is data protection and security. Cyber security is of utmost importance when it comes to sensitive information. Cloud-based software enhances security as its a priority and the IT teams of this software abide by security guidelines using encryption, role access control, two-factor authentication, user verification, etc. 

3. Automatic Software Update

Only a couple of years ago, the user buys a certain version of the software and uses it. The company keeps updating their software with new and improved features and the user who bought the previous version cannot benefit as they don't have access to the new features. Cloud- base software gets auto-updated to a newer version regularly for the user. This saves time, and cost while also reducing maintenance delays. 

4. Data Recovery and BackUp

The cloud remembers! Mistakes and disasters are unforeseeable. Cloud-based software is the prevention safety net businesses need. The cloud saves information about edits, and previous versions of a project if a user needs to revert to a particular version, the cloud has it. This benefits the organisation as it increases productivity and financial losses.  

5. Increased Collaboration

The biggest benefit of cloud-based software is a collaboration from anywhere with ease in real-time. The cloud applications provide smooth data sharing and editing on the cloud options. This equips the users to work remotely at their own pace while being in coordination with their team. The collaboration feature controls who gets access to what; It is role-based access for each stakeholder in the organization. The admin controls the features and edits each user can make to the project. This feature improves services with its real-time decision-making ability. 

6. The cloud analyses data that provides Insights

A cloud-based software technology enables it to better analyse data for swift design making. The software gives an overview analysis of the information on the cloud. The user can track and build detailed reports as well. The insights allow the user to build better plans for their project. Infurnia, for instance, has a project admin dashboard hub where the user can monitor the progress of each design stage.

Way Forward

Cloud-based software is the future in every industry where the users can benefit from the efficiency they provide to businesses. The strategic value it adds includes streamlined work, regular updates, collaboration and a competitive edge.

Check out the Infurnia Website to learn more about how their cloud-based BIM software is the right choice for you. 

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