6 Themes to Set the Tone for your Kitchen

The market is saturated with hundreds of kitchen cabinets design, countertops, range hoods, and other appliances to facilitate users produce the exact style that they dreamt of. Designing is a journey; mindlessly incorporating many fashionable elements will take you far away from reaching your goal. To begin with, one needs to surf through various kitchen styles and themes and after the decision has been made, appliances and furnishings should be chosen with due regards to the theme.

Colour-block Kitchen

Color blocking, a technique that involves pairing two or more bold colors together, popularly found in art and fashion to interior design. Some ways it can be easily achieved in the kitchen is by contrasting cabinets with countertops and wall finishes or playing with the color scheme of the cabinets or maybe getting 6 chairs of distinctive colors. This technique instantly injects life into space and makes it more playful and experimental which constitutes the essence of cooking with your fam.

Timeless kitchen

Nude shades and natural materials effortlessly weather the test of time collaborating with each other in subtle harmony. One can never really get tired of this soothing ambiance; it gives a great comfort level and is a perfect setup to highlight your intricate crockery. Simplicity in design and intricate detailing is what stands out in kitchens like these which can be achieved in the furniture, fixtures, and appliances, and a creative play of accent and task lights as emphasizing elements.

Rustic Kitchen

A style deeply rooted in its raw attribute, celebrating the true essence of materials, and keeping one close to nature is what these kitchens are about. The key to a modern-day rustic kitchen is modern furniture, preserved and exposed architectural elements, and some indoor greenery to evoke a welcoming atmosphere. The color scheme is relatively simplistic, materials like wood occupying the ceiling with its natural grains can be coordinated with the island counter and even cabinetry for a seamless flow.

Mosaic Highlights

Mosaic tiles have been used since forever in kitchens but in a very structured manner. A good way to positively channelize waste/cracked tiles from the site is by creating stylistic mosaics in your kitchens. A custom-made multi-colored abstract wall art piece that is functional as much as aesthetic elevates a simple kitchen by multiple folds. One can also think about collaborating with artists that specialize in the design and execution of mosaics for their interiors.

Credits: Decoist

Industrial Kitchen

An urban industrial kitchen blends a variety of materials to give an edgy feel, if you want a hard-wearing practical kitchen with longevity this could be the look you create. A focal point in such kitchens is the magnetic chalkboard wallpaper, one can add photos, artwork, messages, or display the special menu on these. Pendant lights have a vintage style filament and a handmade cable available in varied colors to suit one’s style. Make a statement using an amalgamation of woods, metals, and concrete by complementing them with key pieces and typographic art for more impression. Industrial looks world particularly well in public kitchens and cafés with their fancy yet friendly environs.

Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are sleek, featuring clean lines and smooth surfaces; minimalistic, without any carving or adornment, and most importantly elegant. While the shape and form stand quite basic with neutral elements, some bold color explorations are acceptable either in an art form or on a wall/floor. The lighting design establishes an aesthetic statement in breaking the sheer simplicity of a contemporary kitchen achieved by recessed or track lighting focusing attention on the well-placed art and accessories. Sticking to the mentioned primary characteristics of contemporary kitchen design and including some personal spin to it which reflects the users’ persona makes up for a kitchen where one enjoys cooking and chores as well.

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