Types of materials you can use for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets is one of the most integral parts of your kitchen interiors. They are the perfect canvas to reflect your design personalities. Apart from being essentially a storage space, they are also adobes of aesthetics and style. Dress up your home glutton art studio in the right cabinet material. The cabinets act as the focal point of the most important part of your home. Here is a list of materials that you can opt for which can withstand your daily use and has timeless longevity.

1. Lacquer

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Lacquer is a type of finish on wood that a homemaker can opt for if they fancy a glossy finish in their kitchen. The most important advantage that this material provides is the ease of maintenance. It is easy to clean while also being moisture resistant. The polish and reflective quality of your kitchen cabinets is an excellent addition to make your kitchen interiors more prominent. The shiny surface when coupled with a colour of your liking creates depth and dimension to your cabinets.

The only downside is the constant need to clean the surfaces as they retain fingerprint marks and splashes. It will feed into your cleanliness compulsion. 

2. Hardwood

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Classicism and the renaissance period were obsessed with the use of wood in the interiors.  Even today a contemporary soul yearns for a touch of elegance in beautifully sculpted wood. Hardwood is the classic choice and also the safest aesthetic option that can never go wrong. Timeless hardwood like oak, Sheesham, Mahogany, and teak, add an environmental flavour to your culinary experiments. It is strong and beautiful but over time moisture and humidity can affect its durability. With the advent of modular kitchens, the demand for hardwood has plummeted but its prices are still soaring being a natural resource.

3. Plywood

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Most home constructors gravitate towards using plywood cabinets because they are low in cost, and have a higher moisture resistance thus more durable than a Medium Density Fibreboard. The varying grain direction gives a uniform strength through the plywood. Thick plywood can form the sides, bottom and doors of the cabinet while applying a thinner one on the back. 

4. Metal

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The industrial revolution changes the world with mass and fast production of goods. Metal got immensely popular during that period. It is a long term investment that is resistant to heat, moisture and termites. It does come with some con slike prone to noise, rusting, and denting. Metal isn't a popular choice as some people might not find it as aesthetically pleasing for their home kitchen interiors. They have a striking personality, if that's who you are then go particleboard.

5. Laminates

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Laminates are the most favoured choice today as it is less vulnerable than hardwood. Laminates are thin sheets of plastic resin and a durable film overlay that provide a protective layer for your everyday rough use. Laminates give an option of any kind of decorative look and feel sheet that is pasted over your cabinets ranging from matt to high gloss to digital patterns.

6. Medium Density Fibreboard

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If you are looking for an aesthetic option without burning a hole in your pocket then, a Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) cabinet is the way to go. MDF is however less durable than Hardwood, on the contrary, it has a lower cost. MDF is an engineered wood made from soft and hardwood residuals glued and compressed together into a strong board. This material is great for creating custom inlays or elaborations on your kitchen cabinets. The process of production renders the board smooth and grainless which is ideal for a good pain finish. The paint will also treat and seal the board to avoid any moisture damage. 

7. Particle Board

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Particle Board comes with both advantages and disadvantages. It provides more dimensional stability because it doesn't warp due to environmental and temperature changes. Also, the cost is less. A major drawback is a lack of moisture resistance, the particle board over time tends to swell up as the grains absorb water. The most practical solution is to seal the edges properly with water-resistant material to weatherproof your Kitchen cabinet.

8. Thermofoil

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Thermofoil cabinets are the new staple of any contemporary kitchen cabinet on a budget. It is easy to clean and inexpensive. Thermofoil is a non-porous coating on a Medium-density fibreboard (MDF). Thermofoil makes the MDF more viable as it doesn't let it swell up with water. This vinyl finish aesthetically revives your kitchen. Additionally,  it is non-porous, thus you can grab your sponge and clean off the counter as you get rid of your pent up extra energy. They are typically scratch and stain-resistant.

9. Melamine

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Melamine is the go-to material for home cabinetry because of its high durability and a huge range of colours and pattern possibilities. Melamine blended with plywood creates a more suitable option. When it is engineered with MDF or particle board it becomes further less expensive and more reliable. The pros to this material are stain, heat, moisture and scraping resistance. When it comes to aligning with your vibe, it fits right in from blonde looks to minimalist feelings.

10. Glass

Picture Source- https://www.beautifulhomes.com/living/kitchens/enhance-your-kitchen-design-with-glass-front-cabinets.html

You have a small kitchen and want to make it feel more spacious our suggestion is to use glass cabinets. It is a compromise between covered and open. It keeps the dust away while also helping to create visual openness. Display your decorative only for special guests' dinner sets with pride in a glass kitchen cabinet. You can opt for Transparent, frosted, textured or leaded glass to match your kitchen cabinet to your dream interiors


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