An Architect's Guide to Side Hustles

Architects and designers are known for their creativity and innovative ideas. With their knowledge and skill-set, an architect or designer can do so much more than just build and design. There are countless possibilities! They have the ability to create anything!

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This article discusses a few side hustle ideas for architects and designers who want to broaden their work and career opportunities by utilizing their talents and skills.

1.    A graphic designer 

A graphic designer is a person who can take in the world and identify it while also being aesthetically pleasing, so one cannot help but want to work in the field. The addition of a course in graphic design to an architecture degree can open up opportunities for you to work within the field but do so in a more communication-centered manner.


Use the Adobe Creative Suites skills you learned in your architectural course to your advantage! You can find freelance graphic design jobs all over the internet using freelancing websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.

2.    Presentation design consultant

In the same way that architects present their designs to their clients, presentation designers turn an array of ideas, stories, words, and images into a set of slides that persuade an audience.


In this endeavor, employ your presentation and aesthetic skills to broaden your scope of work. You could also work as a presentation design consultant for another architect or design firm.

3.    Photographer

Photographic interest is growing among architects and designers. This could be due to the beautiful geometry that can be captured when something is contained within a lens, and many people seem to enjoy it.


Photography, as an art form, is more concerned with the aesthetic, with the object and composition of the moment, within that specific frame. There is a greater emphasis on the fleeting atmosphere than on the planning of permanent spaces and people, which is precisely what architects new to the field will find interesting and refreshing. It still has compositions, colors, settings, and experiences in it. If you own a DSLR camera and want to get gigs, make sure you have an online portfolio or gallery. If you don't have a DSLR, don't dismiss photography. Even photos taken with a Smartphone can earn you money. Consumers are encouraged to seek out valuable content and images in today's digital age.


4.    Architectural tour guide

Traveling gives an architect with extensive knowledge and experience in the field an excellent opportunity to assist other travelers.


The uniqueness of places, spaces, and structures continues to be valued by architects. We want to be taken on a tour by a knowledgeable guide so that we can enjoy and observe destinations the way they were intended to be seen. Architects provide travelers with information, history, and context about a destination so that they can enjoy the story and context. Examine the tours available to see if additional tour guides are required in your area. You could also embark on your own architectural tour service journey. Develop an understanding of architecture and pass it on to others while taking in the sights and sounds of the journey.


5.    Software tutor

Architects design building plans, bridges, and other structures using software, online education boards, and photo editing apps.


Many young students are willing to pay top dollar in order to learn those skills that architects are already adept with. If you have something to teach others, tutoring is a good option. Make a list of your skills and then teach an online course based on that. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular classes on Udemy, an online education platform. Even if you're a professional designer or architect, you can teach people how to master Sketch Up, Revit, AutoCAD, and much more on a daily basis if you have a strong software skillset.

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