Five Architecture Websites to Showcase Your Design Portfolio Online

In an age of fast-paced networking and technology, the internet as a whole brings everything close at a touch of a button. Architects and Interior designers are making use of this power to showcase their skills and abilities to increase the reach of their work. Similarly, your relevant audience is searching for designers online on these platforms. Your portfolio defines you and your design approach which further attracts appropriate attention.

These platforms bring you and your work to centre stage under the lime-light with more visibility and rapid networking. It is also a great way to meet other designers which leads to larger collaborations and opportunities. Finding the right fit for you to showcase your work will require time. Here are the 5 best places to showcase your design portfolio online. 

1. Archdaily

This is the most renowned and heard of the platform in the entire design community that provides tools, inspiration and a range of information on design and imaginative thinking. The website allows designers from around the world to submit their work. Getting published on this visit provides you with a global audience to peruse your designs. The guidelines are very clear and direct on their website. Once you submit your project, a team of curators analyse your work and once it matches all their requirements, within fifteen days you will receive the confirmation email for your project publication. It is simple and free of cost. 

Archdaily strives to provide its viewers with content that enriches them with a large project database, latest news, drawings, products and tools. This is a great platform for you if you are an upcoming designer looking to expand your reach. 

Click on the link to get to explore how you can submit your work.

2. Rethinking the future

Founded in 2012 in India, Rethinking the future brought a different approach to international and national trends in architecture and design that talks about the present-day problems and looks for the right solution. It is a hub that presents creative and innovative projects that creates an interactive platform. RTF provides exposure and opportunities from across countries. The platform acknowledges every detail in the field of the built environment. 

Submitting your project is just a few clicks away, the editorial team reviews your submission and gets back to you in a jiffy. Click on the link to get to their submission form.

3. Design Boom

A platform with more than 20 years of unique content on architecture and design in the world. It is the first online platform of its kind. The platform invites creative thinkers to communicate and showcase their work to an international audience. This is a two-way street where the creators are relieving visibility and the website gets an enhanced engagement with a growing database of information. This exchange builds an opportunity for cultural and intellectual conversations created by the readers. The design boom audience includes professionals, learners, and enthusiasts that have a reach of 3.5 million monthly. 

To publish on their platform, make an account with them and then follow the instructions mentioned there. Click on the link to read more about their process. 

4. Dezeen

Another platform for designers to explore is to showcase their work. This platform has an influential grip on the design fraternity with over three million readers and six million social media following. Its mission aims to curate a well-structured repository of knowledge from around the world. Deezen apart from their architecture, interiors and design database has a parallel for Jobs. This parallel hosts the most relevant job board in the design community which draws attention from various fields in the community. 

Deezen accepts its submissions through email instead of an online form. They don't follow set criteria for selecting projects. If your work is innovative with a fresh perspective, you will fit right in. Check out more about how you can publish with them on their website

5. Architizer

Architizer has been a resource for architects, designers and design fanatics searching for creative flare. From discussing new practices to detailing, this platform hosts a wealth of knowledge. Architizer is more specific than the other platforms but also the easiest when it comes to showcasing your work. It allows you to create your profiles where you can publish your portfolio instantly, where all the projects get published and are available for sharing across platforms.

This platform is specific to Architects, Manufacturers and consultants. It caters to each as per their showcasing requirements. Join Architizer as an architect on their website to showcase your hard work and design aptitude.

Way Forward

There is no shortage of online networks and platforms you can tap onto, to get clicks on your work. Start with anyone or all, be consistent and unleash the strength of your work with these platforms. And while you are at these websites, get inspired by the huge repository of information floating around ready for you to explore.

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