Dear Designers, please take a break.

Dear designers, please take a break from staring at your screens. Take the necessary measures to stay healthy because being a designer can prove hazardous to health. The job you love to do can have grave implications for your body and mind. Do not be alarmed and start planning a career change; start working towards building a healthy lifestyle. It will ensure you have the energy to continue as a designer in the longer run. 

Common health issues faced by designers.

Health issues prevalent in designers include back problems, headaches, migraines, eye problems, and repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel syndrome. A healthy diet and long sedentary hours lead to obesity and heart circulation problems.

The mind takes a different kind of toll with psychological issues such as stress, depression, insomnia, etc. Being overburden with issues also affects the people around us. There is a feeling of isolation which pent-ups to create relationship problems.

Do not let your health flow away with creativity.

When we let creativity and passion completely absorb ourselves in our work, we forget everything and everyone. It is ok that is the dedication the job demands. But, getting out of this zone for our well-being is essential. Zoning out with work makes us unaware of time, hunger, and body posture.

A poor ergonomic for long sedentary periods lead to severe back problems and repetitive strain injury, keeping you away from your passion. Improving your lifestyle against illness strengthens the mind, increases immunity, and boosts productivity.

Start with your workstation.

Designers spend their day glued to a screen; hence, a good comfortable work setup adds value towards well-being. Prolonged sitting in one place is the worst thing for all humans. It cut blood circulation, shortens hip muscles; On top of that, the body posture while sitting is never correct.

  • Ergonomics is the design of a workspace that seeks more productivity and comfort while going about daily routine.
  • Invest in a table and an adjustable chair.
  • Position your keyboard, mouse, and screen at a comfortable distance, which does not cause strain on your back and neck.
  • The screen should be aligned with eye level and not vice versa.
  • An ergonomic footrest will regulate circulation and decrease muscle stiffness. 
  • Position our desk where is a lot of diffused natural light; a direct blast of light can cause glare leading to headaches.

Sweat out your worry while you work.

The new-age workspace does not require you to be stuck to a chair all the time. Workplaces have become more flexible and accommodating. The best way to be active is while you work. Quit the chair for a few minutes and stand.

Tight deadlines, job insecurity, and financial stress make life miserable. Walk off this unhealthy energy; any form of physical activity quickens the release of dopamine and serotonin- the feel-good hormones. A dose of these naturally generated chemicals should make one see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep calm and carry on with exercise and work, and you should be fine.

Bask in the glory of the sun.

Natural light is a great mood uplifter; sunlight gives the instant jolt of energy needed to start the day. After sitting in a dark, dingy room, the designer usually feels fatigued earlier through the day. It renders them to be inactive and incapable of indulging in after-work activities. Daylight in the office improves work satisfaction, productivity and a night of better sleep at night.

Also, not receiving the right amount of sunlight leads to a lack of Vitamin D in the body. The vital functions are regulating calcium and phosphorus absorption and maintaining a regular immune system function. Sufficient vitamin D improves resistance to certain diseases. If the body does not receive enough vitamins, there is a risk for bone abnormalities such as soft bones (osteomalacia) or fragile bones (osteoporosis).

Take at least 15 minutes of your break in the sun; sunbathing will calm your mood and take care of your health. 

Lean on technology if you are not vigilant.

Designers lose track of time while being engrossed in work; chasing deadlines is hectic. To improve health, installing an app or maybe a simple alarm to take a breather is crucial. Take a break to look at anything except the screen, do breathing exercises, do simple hand and leg exercises, correct your posture, and for hydration.

A designers' job is laborious and demanding, but it is good to care for yourself. Be mindful of what you are doing, how your posture is, and how long have you been sitting. Keep a check on how you are doing before it's too late. 

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