10 Interior Designers in India who redefined the boundaries of design

We are aware that every interior design project needs a designer to do their magic and finding the right one is often a huge task. Here is a list of the top interior designers in India that everyone is talking about. Follow their work for the most popular trends when it comes to adding aesthetics to your surroundings. Get inspired and fall in love with design at its best.

1. Beyond Designs

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Beyond Design aims to provide quality services which elevate spaces with luxurious, richly layered and sumptuously furnished interiors. Founder Sachin Gupta and Neha Gupta apply a unique vocabulary that results in individualistic residential projects. Each design element resonates with the user’s personality with a touch of Maximalism using textures, colours and patterns. The firm's values are building honest relationships and partnerships with humility, trust and hard work. The designs are reflective of experimentation with colours and refreshing antiques. The inspirations for their projects are a concoction from various cultures in the world merging with Indian emotional connections.

2. ZZ Architects

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Another firm based out of Mumbai, ZZ Architects is known for its bespoke and intimate process of discovering each client’s style to deliver customised design solutions. ZZ provides full service in Luxury Architecture, Interior Design, and Decor. ZZA uses a team of creative and technical experts from various fields that oversee all projects from conception to completion. One differentiating factor for ZZA is the research-centric and study-based design approach, that combines technical knowledge with artistic judgement.  ​​A focus on extensive use of software such as CAD and 3D modelling allows ZZA to maintain attention to detail and proportions and scale, all held together with a common sense and key eye for master planning, architectural, landscape, interior, lighting and furniture design.

3. Essentia Environments 

Essentia is the brainchild of the leading interior design duo Monica and Hardesh Chawla, with the objective of architecture, interior design, and home decor accessories. Essentia believes that luxury should be accessible not only to the lucky few but to everyone as a necessity. Essentia aims to answer the inner calling of clients who want to live artistically and express themselves through beautiful spaces that enhance their sense of being.

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What sets Essentia apart is a complete in-house capacity to execute all the planned designs within their integrated 100,000 sq ft facility. Essentia works with a team of manufacturing professionals which enables the firm to handle multiple projects at multiple sites. Essentia defines itself as a firm that constantly endeavours to be the best and is hungry for new, more complex challenges.

4. Apartment9

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Founded by Anuja and Mayank Gupta in 2009, apartment9 is headquartered in Delhi. Apartment9 combines traditional and contemporary styles to create innovative and unique spaces. Apartment9’s partnership with international firms such as Andrew Martin, Liberty, and Lizzo has lent it a strong foothold in India in design, landscaping and retail. apartment9 aims to help its clients experience true transformation through finely executed, custom and purposeful design at any stage of the design process. What separates apartment9 from other firms is its retail store which hosts a variety of carefully chosen additions for home decor. 

5. La Sorogeeka

This design firm headquartered in Dubai with an office in Noida is committed to being pioneers of quality craftsmanship and customer experience. La Sorogeeka's strength lies in its seamless execution of extremely complex design in accelerated programmes even in remote locations. The process-driven approach of La Sorogeeka allows it to deliver timely and under-budget projects.

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La Sorogeek is extremely process-driven and was conceived with a focus on optimizing long-term efficiency and productivity, as well as using carefully planned and design corporate strategies and management. La Sorogeeka is also committed to establishing a meaningful social and economic presence in lesser developed nations to boost domestic infrastructure capabilities. This has also led La Sorogeeka to commit to ensuring full transparency and integrity through dedication to its corporate governance principles, policies, processes, and procedures.

6. Pinakin Design

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Set up by Pinakin Patel in 1979 as a creative picture-framing shop; 5 years later Patel also set up India’s first lifestyle and furniture store. The firm is currently managed by interior designers Mohak Mehta and Pallavi Choksi. The design philosophy followed is contemporary that is rooted in Indian heritage. Pinakin believes in creating designs with multiple layers of art. The creative direction the firm selects- blends contemporary spaces with rich Indian heritage. For instance, incorporating concepts like central courtyard with a modern twist.

7. Alsorg

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Alsorg is primarily bespoke furniture, modular kitchen and wardrobe designer who focus on providing a one-stop-shop for all design, decor and installation needs. Alsorg strives to create unique identities in each of its products with its state-of-the-art in-house machinery. Their design philosophy entails clean lines with a play of geometric patterns and plush and soft fabrics and textures are trademark characteristics of Alsorg.

8. Nivasa

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Another established firm in luxury interior design, Nivasa is in the space of lighting, millwork, wardrobe, and furniture design.  Nivasa ensures that every product created enhances and transforms the lives of their clients, and focuses on personalization, rather than customization. The firm has two verticals - Nivasa Classic, which combines the timelessness of classical design with innovative finishes and techniques, and Nivasa Contemporary which integrates modern and intricate design sensibilities with deep and meaningful contemporary design. This is reflected in their context-inspired designs such as the Golf Estate which contrasts an interplay of maximalism and minimalism or the Magnolias with a theme of sustainability, indigenous materials and local craftsmanship.

9. ANCA-1985

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This luxury furniture design firm from Mumbai reflects elegance through its creations. The top differentiating factor for the firm is its incredible customizability in design options and materials. The firm produces the best quality furniture that reflects its expertise in design, innovation, and quality. Anca-1985 believes in the 4Cs of the thinking process - Craftsmanship, Creativity,  Curation, and Community.

10. Studio Lotus

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Studio Lotus believes in creating enriching designs that empower all stakeholders and the environment through a value-driven process.  The firm is strong on collaborations and often brings in other teams to deliver all kinds of projects with the right skill sets. Their work is rooted in the principles of Conscious Design that celebrates local resources, cultural influences, and key attention to detail. The design process is focused on the tactile and sensory qualities of the space that lend a contextual approach to the final design. Studio Locus is also a strong supporter of design sustainability and assesses all design choices through the lenses of social, cultural, and of course, environmental impact.

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