Inspirations from around the world- Colombia

Homes are sacred spaces for everyone. It is where a person can unwind and be their true self. The home environment is highly dependent on how the house addresses the occupant’s specific needs. Every place on earth offers a different style, which inspires designs throughout the world. Here are some of the intriguing design elements from a country in the Caribbean, Colombia. 

Location and Climate

Colombia is a country in the north-western corner of South America, bounded by mountains which gives it a unique blend of climate conditions and landscape. The needs of occupant vary geographically through this small Latin American country. In cities like Bogota, the weather is cool and wet. Meanwhile, cities like Medellín experiences a warmer climate. The coastal areas have hot and humid weather.

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The buildings should respond to the exclusive climate conditions through the design of spaces, vegetation, fenestrations, choice of material, the play of wind and light. The design elements must operate in sync with the local condition to achieve optimum levels of comfort and functionality.


Another fascinating feature of Colombian cities is their unique overlap of cultures like indigenous, Europe, India and Africa; The cities influenced by the Spanish colonial architecture with a touch of Moorish and Castilian architecture. The country may be small but is home to people from around the world.

Colour, Style and Material

The buildings stand out because of the vibrant look and feel it provides. They are aesthetically pleasing and functional. The most predominant building material used is bricks, the quality of the natural clay and its accessibility makes it the most sought-after product. The frequent usage of this material can never make it obsolete; although advancements in technology, new ways of applying the material are continuously emerging.

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Colombian architecture is about combing bright colours, evocative Caribbean context with tropical elements and geometric spaces, a lot is going on, but they don’t induce a conflicting atmosphere. Everything is in harmony. The most widely used colours include turquoise, pale pink, yellow, orange and lots of greenery through nature. A typical interior uses the mosaic Talavera tiles adornments, which is a Spanish influence.

Key features

  • Curves and arches- Entrance through an accentuated archway.
  • Off white or yellow stucco on the exterior and interior walls
  • The floors, staircase, walls are decorated with painted tile mosaic tiles.
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  • Terracotta Roof tiles usually have red earth hue that provides warmth, an earthy look and feel. 
  • A chimney stands tall amongst the façade of the building.
  • Multiple Balconies and terraces on various levels to allow maximum follow of wind.
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  • The railings, gates, window grilles and lanterns use Ornamented Iron.
  • The ironwork is often seen coupled with elegant woodwork.
  • Shaded Courtyards and patios are a must for any building to associate itself with a Colombian style. The Caribbean climate encourages utilizing the outdoor spaces; thus, the patios include a fireplace for night-time activities amidst the cooler weather.  
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  • A series of arches creating Arcades is an old influence that originated from Europe. It is an old architectural feature that originated in Rome. They are an effective and appealing way of shading walkways.  
  • The designs merge with its surroundings through natural elements and large fenestrations that orient to the outside view to create a visual relation with the outdoor vegetation.
  • The vivacious use of colours and textures makes the interiors rich and exciting; at the same time provide solace and safety to a home.
  • The upcoming buildings in the more developed cities is a fusion of modern style and influences from baroque style wood and wrought-iron elements. 

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