Netflix shows to binge for interior design fanatics

Netflix hosts an enormous variety of shows that includes drama, romance, tragedy, reality tv, etc. The one category that catches every designer’s eyes is anything to do with design. For home innovators, it is interior design in particular. The list that follows highlights some of the shows that explore various design inspirations. God speed to you for binge-watching!  

1.  Abstract- the Art of Design

Abstract dedicates its episode to different highly innovative designers and artists, exploring their art and how it aligns with the ideologies they want to preach. The show’s format is to compress the massive personality of one person and their work within forty minutes. Bringing the person closer to the viewer and inspire them.


Abstract has something for everyone; and providing fascinating perceptions and teaching for everyone, not just artists. It successfully portrays what design means and how much of our everyday lives is controlled by its influence. A must-watch show, binge it religiously, as it would open up a new vibrant world.

2.  Interior design masters

A reality show set in Britain in which the contestants come from a varying background with a passion for interior design. The shows pose design challenges that test the contestant’s adaptability to different aspects and specifications of every design brief. Interior design is very subjective.


The show puts forth to the viewers that the concept and vision need clarity and, of course, the skill and willpower to execute the unimaginable. Once you start watching it and get invested with the designers, you cannot stop yourself from binging it.

3.  Amazing Interiors

The show captures the idea of how not to judge a book by its cover. This series is about homes that look simple with not-so-exciting context, but on the inside, they stagger you with the extraordinary.


The first season centres around three projects through which the viewers acquaint themselves with the start, the process and the aftermath of a project. Each episode is for roughly thirty minutes which does not take long to finish the series. 

4.  Stay here

If you are interested in real estate, this show opens up a new arena of interest that is the upsurge of the temporary rental market. People are buying property for investment but aren’t looking for long term commitments. Hence, the advent of Airbnb took place.


The show focuses on modifying the interiors to get a higher rating review and Instagram worth attraction; for a wider audience and customer range. The ideology is how rebranding connects with rebuilding. Stream your heart out because this show is entertaining and informative at the same time.

5.  Restaurants on the edge

The idea of this series is about restaurants with breath-taking views and fantastic locations, but often the interiors, the experiences and the food aren’t at par with the context. This show encapsulates how important a role context plays in making any project successful.


The hosts focus on renovating the restaurants’ menu, business models like marketing, operations, and interior decor to keep the business running. The tone is uplifting and isn’t loud, true to aesthetics. Travel to scenic places in the world along with hosts.

6.  Dream Home Makeover

The show about the projects by a design company called the McGees. Shea Mcgee started her studio, along with her husband. All this began from showing her talent through Instagram. It alone is an inspiration for all the newbies to empower their ideas through social media.


The core idea is how remodelling a home can change a life. The show doesn’t focus on showcasing diverse designs, but it portrays how to use your strength; be known for one particular design concept. The take from this show is putting your best foot forward and developing your USP. This show isn’t specifically for uninterrupted viewing but is enjoyed better as a background noise filler.  

7.  Styling Hollywood

This Netflix series has a unique concept which is a mix of wardrobe styling and interior design. The couple hosting is Jason Bolden (celebrity stylist) and Adair Curtis (Interior Designer), together they run JSN studio.


A designer needs a plethora of exposure to various design fields like fashion, photography, architecture, art, etc. Inspiration can follow from anywhere and everywhere. This show is about design, fashion and full-on sassy, so grab some popcorn and binge away.

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