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Architecture is an ever-evolving field, replete with ever-evolving designs, styles, and technologies. From the grandeur of art deco to the appeal of Victorian architecture, an architect is rooted in the past yet looking ahead in the future for inspiration and ever adapting to the growing needs of modern cities and the changing planet. A good way to stay ahead of the curve and enrich your practice is to take up short online architecture courses.

These are easily accessible, convenient and cover the latest there is, in the field of architecture. Uninhibited by geographical boundaries, architects can now access courses by some of the best universities in the world.

Introduced to make knowledge sharing easy, often, these courses are offered free of cost. Here are 5 online architecture courses which every architect must know about:

Building in Landscapes - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This online architecture course isn’t about landscaping, though it may sound so at the outset. The building in landscapes course helps architects develop the awareness and skills to build within existing landscapes without disturbing them; in effect causing a seamless continuity and making structures a part of their surroundings.

Architects can learn how to effectively analyze the climate and the landscape at a site and set foundations for their structure accordingly. Taught by Prof. Jan Wampler who has inspired thousands of students during his time at the institute, the course is covered over a series of easily accessible videos.

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Practices for Sustainable Architecture - Philadelphia University

Sustainability is the need of the hour and this online architecture course by Prof. Rob Fleming is a comprehensive dive into the subject. Starting with an understanding of the motivation, principles, and context of sustainable design, the course covers an objective understanding of various rating systems and the know-how of building such structures in a tight economic scenario.

Further, students can explore green construction practices that produce highly functional architectural output. This course follows in the steps of another course which would bode well for students to take i.e., Principles of Sustainable Design.

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The Architectural Imagination - Harvard University

This course might seem like it is for beginners of architecture. However, this online architecture course aims at reviewing architectural fundamentals through the lens of some of the most historic buildings in the world. Conducted by a panel of respected professors from Harvard University, The Architectural Imagination dips into the most intrinsic cultural value of a place and teaches one, how to express it through buildings and structures.

Throughout the course, students are exposed to perspective drawing, architectural typology, architectural technology and architecture’s relationship with historical and social contexts.

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Designing Cities - University of Pennsylvania

Growing urbanization and burdened infrastructure in cities today, call for a complete redefinition of how cities are planned such that they stand the test time, instead of collapsing within.

The Designing Cities online architecture course conducted by professors of urban design and city planning, from the University of Pennsylvania, aims to equip participants with various aspects of astute city planning such as the evolution of today’s cities, tools for urban design, preserving old cities and designing new districts, neighborhoods, and cities.

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Groundscape Architecture Design Lab - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne

An interesting online architecture course, the neologism in its name, ‘groundscape’ means underground landscape. It a relatively new architectural topic that explores subterranean architecture, as a solution to the problems we face in crowded cities above ground.

Conceptualized in 2013, this course equips students with design tools for underground design, introduces them to basic underground construction procedures and makes them capable of developing their own Groundscape projects.

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Any architect looking to upgrade his or her skills to stay relevant will find that these courses have something new to offer and are sure to change some perspectives. An architect can use these to skim on subjects that are new or unfamiliar and then delve deeper into those that pique one’s interest. Exploring and learning always opens new horizons.

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