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With advanced & effortless intergrations

Create custom designs, view panel-by-panel drilling informations, and generate CNC outputs for all machine manufactures.

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Kitchen Design Software


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Build your unique company's product catalogue with Infurnia
Effortlessly build your collection using our intuitive SKU editor
Customize diverse furniture, from cabinets and wardrobes to TV units

develop design

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Effortlessly create intricate designs with our intuitive design tools
Incorporate SKUs from your custom Infurnia-built product library
Produce stunning photorealistic renders using Infurnia's cloud rendering

generate cut-list

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Design unique cabinets tailored to your client's design needs
Effortlessly generate detailed cutlists for your cabinets within the software
Instantly download the design cutlist .CSV files and save time

Optimized board layouts

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Generate optimized panel board layouts in one-click with Infurnia
Auto-generate detailed info like codes, cut and finished dimensions for layouts
Maximize material utilization with smart panel board organization

preview drilling details

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In a single click, preview drilling informations panel by panel
Get hardware-specific drilling and routing details for your cabinets
Manually enter and edit hardware drilling details with Infurnia's 2D CAM editor


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Obtain manufacturing ready CNC outputs in a single click with Infurnia
Wide file format support like .mpr, .cix, and more for all machine compatibility
Streamline production and manufacturing with easy file exports


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Streamlined panel labelling process in one-click
Speed up your workflow with quick tag generation
Download PDFs for quick integration into your project

Why Infurnia?

Catalog Management, Data Management for Architects
Admin Dashboard
Central Admin dashboard to manage your store
Create & Manage your personal product and material catalog
Manage access level & roles of different users
Project Hub for real-time view of all the projects created by your designers
Kitchen Design Software for all platforms
Custom Pricing & Rules
Create custom rules for ensuring manufacturability of designs
Create a custom pricing framework to price your products the way you want to
Create hardware rules to automate addition of installation hardware and other accesories
Easy to learn Kitchen Design Software
Easy to Learn
Extremely fast to learn; Built-in tutorials and real-time support
Easy to use floor plan and False ceiling creation tools
Drag & drop furniture & other objects from personal catalog
Smart Object Placement; Auto-rotation; Collision avoidance

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