10 Emerging Interior Designers in India to Look out for in 2022

A new generation of interior designers who are creating an impact on how people live with their out-of-the-box design thinking. These designers are stealing the limelight in various project type, have a look at there work to get a fresh update on what is trending in the realm of Interior design. Here are ten emerging designers in the haute style centers of India whose projects are making headlines in the design world.

1. Studio Goya

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This Bangalore-based firm prioritizes functionality over aesthetics and focuses on providing  responsible design through incorporated usability, accessibility and sustainability. This female-only firm keenly observes and implements human behaviour and nature in their planning to design spaces that are conversation starters and help clients discover their own stories. Studio Goya follows a 12-point approach to design thinking, which includes aspects of human psychology that allow the designers to connect better with clients and deliver understated, sophisticated luxury with a hint of nostalgia to preserve the individual nature of the clients.

2. Lalittya

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Based out of Gurgaon, Lalittya provides remodelling services to anyone looking to shake up their standard designed spaces. The core mission for Lalittya is to create designs that transform and bring delight. With a tagline of “we design experiences”, understanding the client and what they like to do, how they view their interior spaces and what message they want their design to convey is critical Lalittya’s initial programming of any project. Lallttya’s design philosophy is also reflected in their own workspace which helps maintain a personal, craftsman-like connection to any client design. The environmental ethics followed by Lalittya compels them to integrate landscapes and interiors from the early stages of conception.

3. Essajees Atelier

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Another upcoming firm based out of Mumbai, Essajees is a design-winning award firm that takes on only select projects aligned to its philosophy. Established in 2014, the firm currently has over 80,000 sq ft of land under construction in both commercial as well as residential spaces. The firm has completed 50 projects across the country and prides itself on its quality control and attention to detail. Essajees has appeared in several publications and won numerous awards such as the Trends Magazine Award, Good Home Magazine Design Award and Asian Paints India Design Award in 2019.

4. Bora Da

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Bora Da based out of Delhi uses its expertise to ensure that the end result is as professional as possible. While other firms focus on delivering a unique, never before seen style, Bora Da keeps a unique perspective that reflects an artist’s eye for colour, materials and a strong awareness of space and form. Bora Da believes that creative designs are the outcome of meaningful dialogue and trust between clients and designers. The firm closely understands and analyzes the client’s needs to apply their feedback and suggestions into their design process.

5. Studio Bipolar

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Studio Bipolar is a full-service design firm based out of Delhi-NCR. They combine functionality and aesthetics to create custom and efficient home and office designs. Studio Bipolar specializes in designing office spaces that are vibrant and fresh, and emit a positive energy that set a new standard for working environments. The firm is celebrated for its thoughtful design choices and refined solutions. Studio Bipolar’s projects include retail for White Balance as well Clovia, amongst others.

6. Jannat Vasi Interior Design

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Founded by architect Jannat Vasi, Jannat Vasi Interior Design is a multi-disciplinary boutique practice based out of Mumbai. Jannat Vasi has been recognized internationally by many global publications such as Vogue Living, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Good Homes, etc. The studio specializes in luxury residential projects but also delves into hospitality and other commercial projects. Jannat Vasi characterizes her work through a strong design personality that is easily perceivable. Jannat Vasi’s design strategy is influenced by her experience of what she sees around her and reflected her senses of what she has seen in her travel throughout the world. The studio’s signature is an aesthetic approach that is modern and combines bold palettes with embossed textures and unique surface temperments.

7. Quirk Studio

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Quirk Studio goes for a design aesthetic that sustains functionality while being classical in nature. Client-centric customization is the basis for all design choices by Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, who founded Quirk Studio in 2013. The firm does not shy away from creating experimental and innovative spaces that are vibrant and extravagant. Another common theme across their design is the use of varnish to let in abundant natural light, such as in The Fluid Home, Mumbai and The Rohan Joshi Residence. There is also use of muted or neutral colors to highlight shelves, surfaces and ornaments.

8. FADD Studio

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FADD is an acronym for Farah and Dhaval design, the first names of the 2 founders, but it also acts as a play on the word “fad”. FADD does not stick to a singular design, as they believe it leads to stagnation and only by going outside the comfort zone is it possible to embrace new concepts to create their own fads. FADD’s design philosophy is is giving older trends and reimagining them in a modern and novel way.

9. Saniya Kantawala Design

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Led by designer Saniya Kantawal, the studio has completed 45 projects since its inception in 2014. There is an emphasis on incorporating different art forms inspired by the diverse culture heritage of the country.  Saniya focuses on the small details that change the entire setting of a place - like a swing in the garden at “Terrace” restaurant that creates Instagrammable picture moments, or an archway in the Siionnah that highlights the crystal bevelled ballerina dress, a proud exhibit of the fashion house.

10. Chalk Studio

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The last entry on this list, but not in any particular order is Chalk Studio, an interior design firm that focus on creating the beautiful that incorporates the functional. The firm approaches each design challenge with a clean slate and a collaborative mindset. What sets Chalk Studio apart is their young and dynamic team who follow a research-driven thinking approach and are enthusiastic and passionate about creating something new with each project.

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