How to get the banana leaf look

Since 1942 when Hollywood decorator Don Loper designed his iconic banana leaf look called "Martinique"  for the Beverly Hills Hotel. The pattern became a trending synonym of retro glamour. Later on, decorator Dorothy Draper designed her own version of the "Martinique" called "Brazilliance" for the Arrowhead Springs Hotel in California.Eighty years later the banana leaf pattern is still a bold statement in interior design, fashion and décor. Let's be tropical and find out why this timeless motif remain as one of its kind.Here some applications of this iconic decor pattern to get your banana look.

No one can deny that this pattern provides a tropical appeal. So make sure you integrate décor objects that can enhance this statement. A surfboard, exotic - ethnic objects and handcrafted furniture can finish the look.

Luxury and elegance is the motto of this pattern. To make it possible, add some gold to your décor and mix it with vibrant colors.

Fresh and daring, this pattern invites you to bring a bit of nature indoors. Thus, bring some indoor palm trees and enjoy this wild look and feel. e.g. Ruffled Fan Palm, Banana Palm, Chinese Fan Palm, Slender Lady Palm, Parlor Palm, Butterfly Palm and many more.

This pattern can be paired with the bright, vibrant emerald green hue and black accents or a muted palate with brown hued accents.

Just remember that a glamorous style does not come only full of gold, but also a touch of tropical essence can add some luxury to your ambience. Who said that the banana leaf is only to wrap and serve food?

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