Best Floorplan Apps For Mobile and Tablets

Floorplan apps are mobile or tablet-based applications made primarily for designing floor plans quickly. Floorplans, in general, are the foundation of every architectural and interior decoration plan. Most architectural offices have a robust software system in place which is used for not just the floorplan but for designing a whole building or structure. However, architects and designers, also require to create & use floorplans on the go for quick communication or making an instant pitch to clients. In such cases, floorplan apps are a handy tool to have.

Floorplan apps are light on the system as they occupy less system memory.  They are Android and iOS compatible and mostly, cloud-based. They are designed not just for professionals but also for design enthusiasts and home-owners trying to do up their houses. Such apps are also used by builders and real estate agents. Here’s a look at the best floor plan apps in the market today.


RoomScan is an iOS-based app that enables one to draw floorplans on the go, in a matter of minutes. Users can quickly create the layout of a room by simply holding their phones against a wall, door or elevation and capturing them to be converted into a layout. The basic version of RoomScan is free for all and the professional version can be unlocked for $8.5. Fairly accurate in measurement, the floorplan app provides dimensions rounding up to the nearest 6 inches. Further, users can manually enter corrective measurements to create a like-to-like plan. For current SketchUp or AutoCAD users, RoomScan allows output to be exported in the form of PDF or DXF.


Floorplanner finds a place on many interior designers’ phones. An easy user interface and smooth user experience, enables designers to quickly showcase to clients how a remodeled space would look. It’s a widely-adopted floorplan app with more than seven million users across 161 countries. The software is known for its ease of use and can be accessed in a simple browser. Users can create 2D floor plans and then enhance it with room decoration. Further, they can convert the whole design to 3D. It is a software created to make pitching to clients, easy and hence offers professional quality images of created designs. The floorplan app has three-tier pricing and clients can choose what suits them the best.


Infurnia is versatile software that doubles up as an effective floorplan app and is compatible with most tablets. Trusted by professionals in the architecture and construction industry for its reliability and effectiveness, it comes recommended as a must-have app. Users can sign in and use a version for free, with add-ons being available for a fee. Infurnia allows for the creation of a detailed floor plan which can then be augmented with walls, doors, pillars, and beams with the exact dimension. The app also allows for the generation of multi-story structures with staircases and one can even trace a plan, out of an existing image. Further, Infurnia is designed for easy switching between the 2D and 3D modes, making usage easy. Backed on the cloud, users can make changes and share them with clients in real-time.

Floorplans Pro

Floorplans Pro is an iOS-based application known for its user-friendliness. The interface of the app is extremely intuitive and users can create high definition floor plans in a matter of minutes. Available on the App Store for $14.99, Floorplans Pro is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and even an iPod Touch. Users can choose from a selection of existing layouts or create one from scratch. The seamless interface allows for adding notes, drawings and also importing files. For an interior designer, the options in terms of furniture and decoration elements are aplenty. Despite being a relatively light app, with Floorplans Pro, a user can create high-resolution mock-ups on the go.As is evident, when it comes to floorplan apps, there are enough and more options for users to choose from. When one compares it to a fully-loaded software, floor-plan apps are light on the system and require low investment. Hence, it’s a handy and must-have tool that can be used by architecture and design professionals to enhance their professional work.

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