Casulo - Room in a Box

I’ve seen Home Theater’s in a box, I’ve even seen tiny homes that came prepacked in massive boxes, but I’ve never seen all of the furniture for a bedroom packaged in one box before. There is a pair of designers that have done it though.

Casulo, the Portuguese word for cocoon, is a complete set of furniture which can be set up by one person. It takes approximately seven minutes to take and assemble it all, and from the package you get a desk/table, a file cabinet that matches beneath the table, a revolving and height adjustable table chair, a pair of stools, a bed with mattress, a wardrobe with some drawers, a tall set of shelves, and that’s it. The stools conjointly serve and double as extra storage containers, as do the drawers of the table cupboard that have invisible locks. The garments rack is magnetized, and there are safeguards for laptop cables and electrical wires.

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