A step by step guide to connected cooking

Cooking sounds like a terrifying and long, drawn-out process that demands abilities and time we don't always have. But for all those cooking enthusiasts, the IoT is drawing the line into a new generation of in-house master chefs. IoT has the potential to bring about a new mindset that can reshape the kitchen of the future.This disruptive mindset is known as connected cooking. And, what exactly is connected cooking? It is the ability to manage your whole cooking process in a seamless way through your appliances talking and interacting among themselves.Let's figure out how it works following a step by step cooking process.

How many times have you thrown out food that you could have eaten? How many times have you bought items that you already have? With the FridgeCam™ that is a thing of the past, you can take a look inside your fridge anytime, anywhere. Now before cooking your fridge will let you know expiry dates of your purchased items, when to replenish it again and which recipes you can prepare with what you already have. No more food wastage and no more running low on your star ingredient.

If following recipes or creating your own makes you feel a bit tired, a bit scared or a bit doubtful, try out the best assistance in town. SmartyPans, the world's first pan that would never burn or over-cook your meals.This Master Chef is not only amazing due to its step-by-step cooking instructions, but also due to its crafted recipe recording feature which will allow to create a worldwide library of collected recipes among its users. Imagine yourself preparing the most exotic dish in your home from famous chefs, or imagine an entirely dinner full of exquisite dishes from a country you have not even visited. And on top of that, you can get a nutritional information of all the ingredients you are using to prepare each single meal. Doesn't sound delicious?

Stop. Do not eat too fast! Slow down and be healthy. It is your fork talking to you. Crazy huh?But HapiFork actually is a fork that connected to an app helps you track and measure how long it took to eat your meal, the amount of "fork servings" taken per minute and the intervals between "fork servings." All these data with the aim to give awareness about your food intake habits for a healthier life. If you do not know eating fast makes you fat, causes digestive problems and many more, now you have a reason to find this fork attractive.

After cooking and eating the last thing one wants to do is cleaning the dishes. So, to our rescue comes the interactive kitchen of the future by Whirlpool.  A kitchen in which the sink washer will automatically detect when items are placed in it, sealing itself off to run a wash cycle when you leave.Now that you got the total picture on how does it look like to cook connected, prepare to live a future in which cooking, shopping, and food will be smart enough to transform entirely the concept of kitchen.

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