How can designers build an effective Social Media presence?

Social media platforms are the most beneficial tool to create awareness for your design band. It builds brand identity, showcases your personality, and brings in business by establishing a network of connections.

Social media is often confusing, complex and sometimes exhausting. But it is also one of the most influential media which every designer should use. There are currently 3.2 billion users across all social media platforms (50.12% World population), i.e. an enormous potential client base waiting to connect.  

Your personal brand

A person brand makes people interested in your personal persona; it includes personalities, a unique set of skills, and values. Your personal brand should leave a long and lasting impression and stand out for designers.

A strong, vivid, and well-defined personal brand is recognisable when consistent. Consistency is pivotal to present yourself personally and professionally; it communicates authenticity and builds trust and reliability in the design community. 

Start to develop a personal brand.

Your uniqueness is your invaluable tool. Your perspective is your own; it is different and fresh and helps you stand out from other designers. Your personal brand will reflect who you are as a designer and why your work is distinct. 

Start by thinking of words and values that you recognise personally and through your work. For instance, sit with your portfolio and study your style. You might realise that your work focuses on futuristic styles, or perhaps more inclined towards vernacular. It is where you start building your personal brand to showcase you and your preferences.

Create a personal logo

A logo is the first introduction that you present visually. It should speak about you and your work.

Make a logo that is sleek and a little quirky to represent you as a designer accurately. If you align with vibrancy, use vibranct colours in your logo, if you prefer more of a simple persona, choose a logo with a minimalistic design.

Use fonts and colours to your advantage

Fonts and colours strongly affect the user experience with any product. They often have created a specific emotion; consider how it reflects your ideology.

It is best to use the same font and colours for your portfolio website, logo, resume, Instagram posts- to maintain consistency.

Consistent content

The written content that appears on your online profiles should have a similar tone. Yes, LinkedIn would require a more professional expression. But otherwise, it shouldn't seem like it is not the same person writing them. 

Use lots of graphics, animation, photographs, make reels

Visual content is a great way to cultivate your personal brand. Graphics about your style provides a reference for the viewers that last longer in memory more than words.

Use this tool to engage with the audience, post stories with facts, quizzes, poll; Keep it intriguing and interactive. Share the knowledge you hold; it is a sign of goodwill. 

Make connections with people you want to work with

LinkedIn, dribble, Behance is a great place to connect with people in the design community. When you are actively seeking a job or prospective clients, spread the word. Send out connection requests and add a little note that says a little more about you and your brand.

If you aim to work at a specific firm or company, consider connecting with the employees at that company. A great way to reach out is through browsing the LinkedIn profiles of people associated with that company. It gets your foot in the door as you search for a job. 

Be yourself

Your authenticity is what is great about you and what draws people towards your style.

Centre your image portrayal around who you honestly are and believe in; the best way is to avoid overthinking and just keeping at it. Post about what you stand for and what naturally comes to you without attempting to be someone else. 

The Bottomline

With a bit of perseverance and a lot of patience, creating a reputation through social media platforms can bring in quality opportunities more consistently. Social media is a powerful tool to build credibility, connecting with clients and growing the business.

Prospective clients want to connect and know the designers they want to work with on their projects; social media makes this possible. Start somewhere, begin with Instagram, it's playful and interactive and then move on to LinkedIn. Roll out your website once you have established your social media presence enough. Persistence will take your brand towards recognition nd greatness. To infinity and beyond!

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