Experiencing the matrix in Interior Design VR

Have you ever imagined visualizing your furniture in-situ, feeling the materials, and walking through your interiors before even purchasing? And all this without even leaving your sofa! As a buyer, you have a feeling of what you want, but it’s hard to articulate. You just know it when you see it. Sounds kind of unrealistic and some how fictional. But, today more than ever VR has opened the doors for what we can call the experiential and interactive interior design era.

A time in which reality and virtuality merge into one single experience to give an accurate sense of how design really feels and looks like.Just imagine how designing and purchasing will change when there will be no need to physically visit the building or store to finally visualize the future interiors of your new home. When you can take a virtual walk of the interiors from any location on the globe. When you have the power to change materials, positions and dimensions instantly in a 1:1 virtual scale model.

When all changes can be seen reflected in looks as well as pricing. As a consequence you can confidently make any interior design choice before any high cost purchases are made.Because with the power of virtualization comes the power of visualization. We do not have to guess anymore how our vision will translate into reality.  Here are some of these amazing technologies that are shaping the future of interior design and the real estate buying experience.

ICEreality software by DIRTT Environmental Solutions

A real estate solution in which builders, owners and tenants can walk from room to room within their planned design overlaying it on top of the physical real space they are moving in. When immersed you can also make changes in real time and see it reflected in engineering plans and pricing.Immerse » http://www.dirtt.net/icerealitynew

Gravity Sketch is an intuitive multi-platform 3D creation tool

Designers, architects and engineers finally can walk through the 3D models of their designs and edit them on the go.Also, designers can co-create designs with designers located around the globe anytime and anywhere. Which definitely will make the design process faster, smoothly and accessible.Experience » https://www.gravitysketch.com/

Tilt brush by Google

Painting in room-scale VR is an experience that can simulate the creative process manifolds. While you make your 3D sketches you can walk through them visualizing the colors floating around you from all perspectives. Also you can share the file as a full-room-sized VR or as a small animated GIF.Explore » https://www.tiltbrush.com/It’s not impossible to think that in a nearby future our houses could become empty canvases only to get fill up with decor and furniture when we get immersed into the matrix of VR and we bring into life the object we imagine, giving us more flexibility to create bespoke and much more customized spaces. This can usher in a transformation of the interior design industry in which customers can themselves become their own interior designers.

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