A guide to creating a productive home office

Nowadays working from home is becoming a more and more popular option. Many people choose to have a bit of freedom while doing what they like from the comfort of their home office. Writers, designers, sales and marketing experts, and many other backgrounds have merged their homes with their own offices. Even technology firms offer great work from home options to their employees.So for those who still have not found the perfect work space inside their homes, this guide will help you in transforming your home to recreate the best environment for a productive and organised home office.


The very first thing is an excellent connectivity that allows you to ensure a clear communication during meetings and a fluid sense of collaboration with in-office colleagues.One of the greatest risks when you work remotely is miscommunication.


Natural light affects you in a positive way. Having a good window allows you to receive upto 173 percent more white light exposure during work hours and sleep an average of 46 minutes more per night. Those who do not have a window have poorer outcomes in sleep quality and daytime productivity.

Chueng I. (2013) Impact of workplace daylight exposure on sleep, physical activity, and quality of life. American Academy of Sleep Medicine 36

For an improved air quality open your windows and your productivity will boost up to 11%. Outdoor air renews oxygen for breathing and dilutes pollutants. Also, bring some plants on board; they lift your spirits and increase your productivity up to 15%.

WorldGBC__Health_Wellbeing | Page 12   &   Plants in offices increase happiness and productivity

Artificial light is crucial also, not too dim, not too harsh. 65W light bulbs are recommended. Make sure to reduce glare on your screen and you will be able to work at any time of the day.


Offline files and notes keep rolling from place to place and you do not know where is the last invoice you received. Create categories such as "keep", "archive" and "toss", and stop procrastinating. If you do not this, then you will have a pile of documents that you do not even know what exactly they are and when to start classifying. Clean spaces increase your creativity and vision, less distractions equals better concentration.


This is a subjective topic, but many agree that an unwanted sound can causes distraction and impact drastically your productivity. Find a perfect spot in which not many distracting sounds come from indoors and outdoors, and if that is not feasible use sound absorbing materials to cover your walls. But don't forget to play some nice music in the background if it gives you a productivity boost.


Dr. Craig Knight of the University of Exeter says that an interactive piece of art offers an ongoing sense of intrigue and engagement, and in doing so people work 15% quicker than in a lean space. So be creative and give your own touch to your work-space.

Art works: how art in the office boosts staff productivity

Here is an interactive guide on the same topic by Pottery Barn:


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