Design ideas for inviting Greenery Indoors

We are continually realizing the need to be closer to our roots, springing up from them is the lush green gift of nature. Plants not only provide us with oxygen but utilize carbon for their processes and cast a healing effect on humans. Contemporary-modern houses have started focusing on indoor air quality which can be regulated inertly by using plants while elating the aesthetics.

How do plants help? 

 Our lives have been more stressful than ever and who doesn’t want a personal Zen garden to spend their quality time taking its care and in turn, taken care of. Since the pandemic, having such stressbusters becoming a part of our homes is an absolute necessity. If you end up creating a dense ecosystem, greenery is prone to attract beautiful birds and butterflies. Moreover, being around nature can be inspiring, as it is famously said, “the plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision.”

Greens go with every color palette and canbe incorporated into spaces quite effortlessly. Here are some suggestions on how you can welcome these little beings into your interior space:

Pots are your best friends

Aesthetic planters are the no-brainers of décor, they escalate your spaces with ease and their mobility is advantageous in creating quick combinations that one can change periodically. With artsy collections of versatile pottery available, these plants act like sculptures to your living/dining/drawing rooms, investing in which the first step in this greening up journey. 

Maximize the potential of your terraces and balconies

Who doesn’t love pretty balconies? When it comes to indoor greenery, balconies do the magic. From hanging pots on the ceiling/railing to creating a whole green wall, with your creativity, the sky is the limit. The upper edge in balconies and terraces is their exposure to sunlight which can facilitate the growth of many different species of flora. Besides, the porous nature of plants and work like noise absorbers increasing user privacy.  

The abundance of Courtyards

If you are one of those blessed with a massive mansion then the courtyard can be the inviting green element encompassed by it. Small vegetable/herb gardens can be planned in courtyards or a medium of having an inward-looking grassed lawn from the living areas. Courtyards serve to be great semi-open spaces for relaxing with a cup of tea and the ambiance can be strikingly enhanced by the simple use of vegetation.


According to the light received inside washrooms, different varieties of ferns can be opted which thrive in the humid atmosphere. Not only do plants help in reducing the humidity levels but also reduce the foul smell acting like natural air fresheners. A sound place to admit these might be the basin countertop or, on the sill of the ventilator given the space constraints.


To increase productivity is to ensure good oxygen levels and engaging work environment, which can both be catered to by having green office interiors. Plants are also said to increase concentration and memory performance apart from remarkably increasing attention spans. Decorating desks can be motivating and gives one a sense of quality work-life and having a little work partner doesn’t hurt.                                                                    

Bay Windows

These are undoubtedly the special corners of our house, be it located in the living area or our intimate bedrooms, these window seats have generous light and breeze. Bay windows become a space within a space for recreational activities like reading or for kids to play, these can be made more joyful by highlighting them with hanging planters.

Green Walls

Space crunch in urban cities are urging us to go vertical and we can do the same with our landscape, this can especially work well in highlighting small spaces like entrance foyers which are generally ignored. Climbers can be used by pre-planning its support system and directing them accordingly. A lot of agencies have started pre-fabricating green walls integrated with drips which are easy to install and maintain; it is also possible to get them customize it as per your requirement.

Miniature Gardens

Being the latest obsession of plant lovers, miniature gardens or terrariums can make a space instantly come to life. These contain bonsais and miniatures of flora and fauna to create a forest-like set-up in a tray. Making these gardens along with your family can be an interesting weekend activity and an enriching experience. An idea could be to plan your center tables integrating them with a space for Miniature Gardens.

Crucial selection of plants

 It is fundamental to research the appropriate habitat required for the plant to flourish and place it accordingly. One also needs to understand when the plant releases oxygen and when is it taken in, plants that release oxygen in the night will only besuited for bedrooms since they are occupied during the night.

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