Infurnia Interior Design Software - Review on financesonline

We have gone a long way since Infurnia started in 2014, with our team not only widening the software’s geographical reach but also expanding its range of functionalities. And now, we are proud to announce that our interior and kitchen design software was recently distinguished by the FinancesOnline directory as a 2018 Rising Star in our niche. This award is granted to SaaS solutions on the market that have greatly risen in popularity and have gained positive traction with clients.

The Rising Star award is meaningful to our team for a number of reasons. For one, it indicates that Infurnia stands apart from our competitors in the best architecture software. But most important of all, it signifies that Infurnia is perceived by many as a reliable tool for professional interior designers based on SaaS market trends. This means that we are on track on our goal to become the top brand for designers aspiring to make recognizable designs for retailers everywhere.

As stated by FinancesOnline’s experts in their Infurnia overview, our software provides users with “kitchen design intelligence that other solutions do not offer.” This is largely in part due to our platform’s capabilities to automatically implement smart modifications to a base furniture whenever users create design changes, thus ensuring all their designs materials are in-sync.

Designing kitchens and interiors might sound daunting for many users. However, according to FinancesOnline, even novice designers or “anybody can get acquainted with the system and create their first kitchen design in just two hours.” This is possible even without CAD proficiency. Due to our platform’s ease of use, FinancesOnline found us deserving to win their Great User Experience award for 2018.

Other features highlighted by FinancesOnline include our robust customization technology for perfecting one’s designs, easily accessible cloud-based deployment, various admin tools like centralized catalog management and pricing on a single platform, and much more.

Visit FinancesOnline for the full review and share on their page how Infurnia helped you create great designs

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