Innovative Architecture Related Startups in India

India in recent years has become a hotbed for startups and this has given rise to a plethora of companies. The country has steadily grown in its ease-of-doing-business ranking and the growing acceptance of new businesses and new ideas is a testament to this. The architecture and construction industry is not far behind and it isn’t surprising, given that it’s an industry filled with talent, that is driven by creativity. In recent years, there are a few architecture startups that have offered not just out-of-the-box ideas but services that have robust commercial demand.

We dug a little deeper for you and came out with a list of 5 innovative architecture-related startups that are redefining the Indian architecture industry.

Arth Design Build

Arth is a unique architecture startup, based in Hyderabad, that uses Building Information Modelling (BIM) to provide exclusive end to end solutions under one roof. They manage everything from concept designs, feasibility study, design of MEP to facility management and construction; in one go. The idea behind being ‘engineering forward’ for them, is to ensure that a single team manages the entire process, ensuring accuracy, better costing, and competent delivery. Their USP is their in-house LivBIM app that helps their clients leverage the power of BIM to the fullest by live-tracking projects and delivering a better return on investments and time. Founded by Swapnil Sahu, Thumu Karthik, Chandrashekhar Tadiparthi, and Kailash Chandola and with offices in India, Dubai, and the UK; they have enlisted some of the most prestigious clients such as IKEA, Tata Projects, Capillary to name a few.


SmartVizX is a Noida based architecture startup founded by couple & business partners- Tithi Tewari and Gautam Tiwari. The company specializes in the use of virtual reality in commercial applications. Their software Trezi, is targeted at the triad of architecture-engineering-construction. It is a smart combination of gaming and architecture to deliver cost-saving results and is a step ahead of 3D modeling. Architects can upload layouts into the app and use VR gears, to literally step into their projects and evaluate them in the planning phase itself. This is a boon for the architecture industry where minor errors can have huge cost repercussions.


While at the outset, the architecture startup founded by Jayesh Rajpurohit, may appear to be just another e-Commerce platform that provides service aggregation for the construction & architecture industry, it is not so. Brick&Bolt differentiates itself by providing sharply designed packages with a clear indication of project costs. It is customer-friendly, clear, transparent and focusses on quality executions. Users can opt for packages such as woodwork packages, compound packages and so on and so forth. The company stands by a zero-tolerance policy for delays and has a unique escrow system of payment which protects both, the buyers’ & suppliers’ interest.


A brainchild of Nikhil Kumar and Lovepreet Mann, Infurnia is the world’s first cloud-based architecture & design software made for professional users. This architecture startup caters to architects, interior designers, and suppliers of modular kitchens. Infurnia provides end to end features for the entire designing process like Floorplanning, interior design, Quotation generation, BOQ, modular furniture cutting lists, etc. The software allows for easy designing, live cloud-based sharing with clients, and an admin dashboard to easily manage catalog across designers and geographies. Its UI is easy to use and reduces design time drastically compared to pre-existing 3D design software.


BuildMyGhar is a ground-breaking architecture startup invested in the art & science of rapid house building. Founded by Siddharth Sharma, the firm adopts the pre-fabricated route to allow clients to choose from a catalog of plans, place an order, get pre-fabricated elements delivered to their plots and get a house built in record time. Pre-fabricated houses are commonplace in many European countries and the US, as these bring down the cost of construction drastically. The vision behind BuildMyGhar is to make construction, truly social.

While a new startup may spring every other day, it can only be deemed worthy when it can last the test of time and generate cash flow. There are many architecture startups that haven’t lasted beyond a few years but there are some like those listed above, which tick all the boxes and also inspire. More often than not, it is startups like these, that redefine the industry.

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