How to Do Interior Designing Online

Due to an evergrowing fast-paced lifestyle, businesses have been moving online to circumvent the need to have a physical presence and reduce the time wasted in transportation. Unimaginable services have found a place on the web and there are takers everywhere. When it comes to the architecture and interior designing industry, customers have been purchasing raw materials, getting evaluations and even interior designing online.Interior designing traditionally would involve close interaction between client and designer, site visits, measurements, designing, and planning. Clients would be handed over a 2D blueprint and the project would then be executed by the designer or the client through third-party contacts. However, now, owing to complex algorithms and smart business concepts, clients can access the services of interior designers from across the world, from the comfort of their homes. While there are many sites that provide, interior designing online, here are the ones that have made quite a mark in the industry.


Standing out because of its user-friendly design, U.S. based Havenly offers interior designing services that can suit every budget and need. Over and above this, Havenly also gives its customers the option to buy designer recommended furniture, directly from the site. The first positive that strikes one when using the site, is its user-friendliness. Clients begin their journey by answering a quick style quiz, followed by a few questions on budget, site size i.e. a room or an entire home, location, etc. Havenly’s algorithm then suggests the designer that best fits the client’s style and budget. The site offers other packages too. For example, for as little as $19, customers can get expert design opinions on any decorating dilemma. Clients can also choose their own designers after referring to the designers' mood boards. In short, on this site providing interior designing online, there is something for everyone.


Modsy comes recommended for involved clients who like to play a larger role in their interior designing project. The site allows clients to play around with realistic 3D visuals of their site, move 3D furniture around, and design spaces in the way they deem fit. Initially, customers must upload measurements of their rooms along with supporting pictures. Modsy then creates a 3D model of the space and accompanies it with suggestions from the allocated interior designer as per the price band selected by clients. At an additional fee, customers can also get 3D renders of their existing furniture, allowing them to get a realistic idea of how their room would look with old and recommended new furniture.  Modsy gives users the option to choose from four price bands for interior designing online - their most premium offering being comparable to working with an interior designer, the conventional way.


Built on a flat-fee pricing model, Decorist is an established and popular online interior designing site. Like other sites, it allows users to first understand their style before pairing them up with a designer from the hundreds on their roster. For their standard package, the site provides two concept boards by a single interior designer. Their design board is a simple 2D render and comes accompanied by a shopping list comprising of recommended furniture and decoration items. Clients wishing to opt for interior designing online can choose services starting from $299. Typically, projects have a turnaround time of three to five weeks. Customers can also opt for a complete consultative package for higher fees where they can interact with designers in an in-depth manner.


Infurnia is a software that assists interior designers and amateur decorating enthusiasts by providing a cloud-based platform powered by cutting-edge 3D visualization. Professionals can use the software to provide clients a more realistic view of intended designs so that clients find it easier to visualize the results. Being cloud-based, it is easy to make changes in real-time and get instant feedback from clients. Infurnia allows users to make 3D projections of furniture within the catalog. Not only does Infurnia help in interior designing online but it also assists suppliers of modular kitchens to make 3D renders of proposed designs so that it can be shared with clients.


Houzz has an interior designing app that allows interior designing enthusiasts to attempt interior designing online. Based on augmented reality, the app complementing the main website that sells furniture, allows users to ‘try’ the furniture virtually, before making a purchase. Sharing one’s inspiration through the app is easy, be it with family, interior designers or friends. Houzz is a fun app that probably complements one’s interior designing interests but it would need to be supported by other apps and sites, for completing a serious project.Compared to the traditional route of interior decorating, the online method is faster and cost-effective. It gives clients access to interior decorators from across the world and hence they do not need to just depend on professionals available locally. While the execution, purchase and set up has to be done by the client in most cases, this is a very practical route to take when time is limited and customers need to quickly do up their places.

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