5 ways IoT is changing the way we live

Today we find out that not only are we always connected through our devices, but our devices are also connected among themselves. The internet of things(IoT) is the ability to create systems connecting different products at once. These products communicate with each other to create and act on data. A kind of fictional dream where inanimate objects get ears and eyes to sense, analyse, learn and interact better with humans.We, as homeowners, will certainly experience an interesting turn around when living among such smart devices. Devices that can serve more accurately our individual needs, and also can develop a personalized service based on the gathered data.Let's dive a bit inside the IoT world to get a glimpse on how connected homes are changing the way we live.

As we are miles away from home we have the power to set all before we come back. From room temperature to food preparation, our home is 24/7 listening to us making our most personal needs a reality. We can call this phenomenon the house that never sleeps! A place where our devices are transformed into our irreplaceable mates to finally give us less to be worried about.

With connectivity comes the ability to transform an independent product into a multifaceted solution. Objects are in communication with other devices performing tasks in the perfect time, perfect method and perfect quantity.  For example, a thermostat turns on automatically when a sensor detects a change in the room temperature from a set point or when the app on your smartwatch detects that you are feeling hot/cold.In a near future we won't be acquiring objects independently, but systems of objects that fit our own personal needs.

What connectivity and communication of devices bring is the opportunity to set up a personal and unique scenario. These scenarios correspond to our own location, needs, schedule, climate and routines. Imagine a bedroom where the temperature is adjusted for the particular climate of your own city , your alarm clock is synced with your daily routine, your shower water gets ready on time for your daily bath and your tea is prepared at the right time and with the right ingredients.

Even the impersonal nature of digital interactions, machine learning and artificial intelligence can help in accomplishing personal tasks. Suddenly a host of digital advisers or assistants are available 24/7 helping us to accomplish all kind of activities, ranging from mundane to complex activities.

Connectivity and constant communication among devices makes possible a real time actualization for accurate automation. The system never behaves the same way because it understands that requirements also change depending on the days conditions. This will be the era of homes that adapt the external conditions to our own needs, and not the other way around.All these fantastic world of interconnections is making our lives safer and easier. But we cannot ignore that despite all these accuracy, failures or compromises in connectivity can also make this promising experience the worst nightmare.You won't be very happy with your if it got stuck in OFF mode and refused to open when you come back from a long day in office. There is still a lot to develop to overcome connectivity issues, breakdowns in the communication system and accessibility to the other 90% of the population, but the future is bright and exciting.

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