Kitchen Design tips for smaller kitchens

It's a myth that kitchen should be massive and lavish. After all great cooking has nothing to do with the size of a kitchen. In present times, most homes are smaller in size due to which kitchen has also become smaller. But a small kitchen isn't that bad, as chances of things going amiss will reduce significantly!

Kitchen Design tips for homes with lesser kitchen spaces

Open Up Cupboards
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Nothing can be more worse than having closed cupboards in small kitchen. Open cupboards not only gives a larger look to kitchen but also makes easy the task of finding daily essentials.The kitchen design shall be personalized as per your needs so that all that you need is available instantly!

Have sufficient lighting
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Lighting a space is more of an art than merely installing bulbs. This beautiful art can be used for small kitchens too. The kitchen design for smaller homes demands sufficient lighting as brighter kitchens usually look larger.The kitchen windows shall be big enough to provide sufficient lighting and ventilation.

Invest in Kitchen Flooring
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It is not the cupboards or appliances that gets noticed first, but the floor. Invest wisely in your kitchen flooring for wonderful cooking time ahead!The kitchen design will go well if you opt for marble flooring. One can also try linoleum or cork flooring. Cork flooring is an eco-friendly option as it is renewable and does not cause any harm to nature.

Light Colours in Kitchen
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Kitchen with lighter colours looks modern and more trendy when compared to the darker shades like brown and black. Light colours are advised for smaller kitchen design as they reflect light and draw the eye up, giving the ceiling a higher appearance.

Experiment with Dining Table
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How about a table for two with a candle in the middle? It may sound romantic and your small kitchen is indeed the best place for it. Going for smaller dining table will save the much needed space and at the same time increase family bonding!

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