A mexican décor style for a chili flavor

If you enjoy the folkloric art, the air of mysticism that tribal elements give, and the Spanish architecture, then a Mexican decor style is your thing!Eclectic, vivid and bold, a Mexican interior design can transform your home into a personal museum of timeless objects.Let the juxtaposition of European style and Native American influence accentuate the rustic essence of a home that welcomes the best of two worlds.

When the sun and the earth meet your color palette heats

Mexican shades predominantly are warm, bright and vibrant. Go for red, orange, tangerine, and earthly colors such terracotta (clay).


Also, where Spanish and Indigenous ceramic techniques coexist Talavera pottery exist

Make sure these intricate mosaic patterns give a glimpse of the picturesque Mexican culture and history in your home! You can use them in tiles, flower pots, vases, jars, bowls, crosses, sinks and candle holders.


The real Mexican identity folk art or “artesanía”

Who hasn’t seen the innumerable colors and imagery that Mexican culture evokes? To give your home the real feel of a Mexican lair bring together:(✓)Religious art.(✓) Decorated skulls and skeletons which most vivid icon is “La Catrina”.(✓) Some rustic furniture.(✓) Mexican paper flags.(✓) Room dividers and craved door ornaments.


Prehistoric drawings from Otomi embroidery to cover your home items

This style can be traced back to the pre-Aztec Meso America age, celebrating through the symbolism the traditions and techniques of the Otomi people. This animal patterns can be found in wall cave paintings located in the Tenango region which symbolize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.


Wall art, a popular culture milestone

Showcase a collections of items that can create a folkloric mural. Mexican wall décor is a perfect altar for memories, beliefs, traditions and colloquial expressions. From skeletons, religious symbolism, to Frida Kahlo portraits, you can find all iconic figures from the Mexican heritage.


Redo your kitchen design using these Mexican elements, and see how it can spice up your decor!

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