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Architecture is as much art as it is a science. It is a rare profession where creativity complements practical applicability. In terms of employment, while there are firms which employ hundreds of professionals, most architects choose to set up private practices. Overall, it is a challenging profession with tough competition and it bodes well for architects to constantly update themselves with new developments and technology in the industry. One of the means to do so is are online forums for architects.In a world that is more connected than ever, networking is easy. Reaching out to someone is an email or phone call away. However, a profession like architecture demands platforms with credibility so that one is connected to people that matter. This is where online forums come into play and the following are some of the best:


Architizer is a website that allows architects to discover projects, connect with manufacturers and explore products. But most importantly, it allows architects to network amongst themselves and seek feedback on their designs & projects. Founded in 2009, the site quickly earned itself the nickname of ‘Facebook for architects’. It has evolved since then and undergone several iterations. It is a very popular go-to-site for anyone who wants to connect within the AEC ecosystem.Owing to its early existence, this self-publishing platform has accumulated a vast database. Due to its critical mass in terms of members, it has attracted the best in the industry over the years. Per the founders, Architizer was conceptualized for architects by architects. The site publishes editorial content and allows architects to maintain their portfolio online. While Architizer now welcomes manufacturers and architecture firms, their online forum for architects enables architects to instantly publish their work, connect with practicing architects globally and get exposure through Architizer’s various online channels. Finally, the website’s rich database is an exhaustive learning resource for architects and is bound to make their professional lives richer.


While there are new communities and online forums for architects sprouting every month, Archinect is as old as they come. A portmanteau of the words architect and connect, the website was founded by Paul Petrunia, way back in 1997. Archinect not just connects practicing architects but also educators, designers, students, and design enthusiasts. Driven by advertising revenue, the site has an in-house editorial board.However, a major portion of its content is driven by its member-based community. Contributing members need to simply register to participate in forums. Users can filter forum topics and select segments like academia, professional practice, employment, sustainability, etc. They also have the option of searching their topic of choice via keywords. Despite its simplicity, Archinect has a lot to offer in terms of dependability, active forums, and practical advice.


An online showcase for brands and professional architects, Mortarr is simple and serves its purpose efficiently. Founded by three architects who realized there was a need-gap when it comes to getting inspired; Mortarr does that through a dedicated section. On the inspiration tab of the site, architects and design professionals can go through existing executions and bookmark these in an intuitive manner, to refer to, later.The site offers accounts for brands too so that architects can gain access & awareness of products, especially niche kinds. However, this online forum for architects primarily is built for professionals who can create their profiles, showcase their work and connect with one another. Mortarr has a vast network of professionals working a variety of sectors such as hospitality, sustainability, sports and more.

Reddit Architects' Forum

Rough around the edges, but highly effective, is how one would describe the Reddit architect’s subreddit. The site may not be the most user-friendly and is known mostly as a place frequented by ‘nerds’. However, this online forums for architects is a tight community that is closely monitored for spams to ensure quality content.To be a part of it, all one needs to do is register on Reddit. There are moderators who voluntarily monitor content and participants include students as well as existing architecture professionals. Members look for opinions, technical advice, and career pointers. All in all, it is a wholesome place for an architect to be.Apart from websites, social media platforms also have numerous architecture groups. However, owing to the low barrier to entry, anyone and everyone can participate. Hence the quality of interaction may get affected. But when it comes to online forums for architects like those mentioned above, interactions and networking tend to be productive and meaningful. Whatever one might choose, being part of multiple forums, comes highly recommended for practicing as well as aspiring architects.

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