A smart kitchen countertop

Have you ever wondered about a smart kitchen countertop? A worktop which integrates all the functionalities you need in a discreet design? Italian company Marmo Arredo did, and this led to the creation of Tulèr, a countertop by Offmat, a “lab&hub” of Marmo Arredo brand.

Because kitchen countertops are the most important places in a kitchen, Offmat combines not only technical and structural matters, but also experiential ones. They work on the concept that the heart of the kitchen are lies in the daily used space where the art of cooking happens.


That is why this stone top aims to make the most of the kitchen work space by providing a flat surface which changes when particular stations are in used. For example, one of its solutions is a moving sink, which is invisible or integrated to the surface till a simple hand gesture pulls it down. While a gesture remote tap activates the water gush with a simple movement.


Also, a hidden kitchen scale provides the weight of ingredients on the worktop or through a mobile app, all this to make your recipes more accurate.

To free the worktop from burners or any other element that waste functional space, Tulèr presents its induction cooking which is as flat as its surface.


Offmat understands how new technologies play an important role during the cooking process, integrating a wireless charger system to the countertop. Now your mobiles and tablets can be charged in the kitchen while you move from one place to another.

As Offmat highlights, kitchens countertops are the most relevant places in a kitchen, as everything happens there, from cutting, cooking and spilling liquids. Therefore, they decide to create these smart kitchen countertop which can resist all the wear and tear of a countertop, while integrating the most needed features to perform daily activities in one single smart surface.

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