Space saving kitchens from Japanese brand Sanwa

Japanese kitchen manufacturer Sanwa has come up with an innovative concept for space saving kitchens for limited spaces. The company presented four different models which fit perfectly in any small space. Also, the units keep elegance and a sense of discretion through the design details.The smallest of the four units is Affilato Hide , a minimalist wardrobe which conceals a kitchen unit composed of sink, counters and stove. This elegant and sophisticate design can pass unnoticed when you hide away the working area by closing its doors. Perfect for one-room apartment, offices and residences.


The freestanding and compact Ceragino unit is perfect for the center of living rooms. Its minimalist design takes away what is not neccessary and just leave space to what  a small house kitchen truly needs.


On the other hand, a larger unit called Kanade presents the best combination of unusual material in the kitchen scene. The doors and drawers are coated with eco-leather which is excellent in antibacterial effect and color preservation. The countertops and walls are made out of Italian thin ceramic panels.


The forth model of this collection, is Zan. Zan combines the best of the Japanese cultural traditions with technological details. It stands out of the crowd by featuring aluminium panels applied to the doors which surface finish are as the texture of traditional Japanese Washi paper.


All four models of these space saving kitchens are monochromatic; thereby reaffirming their philosophy of un-cluttering everything, be it space or the view.

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