The Best Architecture schools in USA

The United States of America is home to some of the most prestigious schools of architecture in the world. Any student of architecture, be it an undergraduate student or a practicing architect, has an abundance of choice when it comes to selecting a course. These schools have stood the test of time and have produced well respected and highly accomplished architectural talent, over their decades of existence. Here are the best architecture schools in USA which feature on the wish-list of any ambitious student.

MIT School of Architecture & Planning

MIT is one of the most prestigious schools of architecture for an aspiring architect. Established in the year 1865 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it was a pioneering school of architecture in the United States. Undergraduate students at MIT SAP, can choose any of the two architecture courses available, namely the Bachelor of Science in Architecture Studies or Bachelor of Science in Architecture if they fulfill the pre-requisites. The post-graduate courses at MIT are very sought after and consist of five full-fledged master programs, spread across specialties, namely, architectural studies (SMArchS), architecture (MArch), building technology (SMBT), and a combined course featuring art, culture, and technology (SMACT). The school provides opportunities to students to earn scholarships that cover a part or whole of the tuition fees. The School of Architecture & Planning counts William Wells Bosworth, Louis Sullivan (Prophet of Modern Architecture) and Michael D. Sorkin among its distinguished alumni.

Harvard University Graduate School of Design

It is not surprising that a globally respected university features among the best schools of architecture in USA. Harvard University offers undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses in architecture. The undergraduate course is an intense four-year course that combines the use of imagination, creativity, and practical application. Students can choose between two tracks for their studies- the history and theory of architecture or architectural design studies. The Master in Architecture (MArch) I & II courses at Harvard are rigorous post-professional courses requiring specific design or architectural understanding at an undergraduate level. There are pre-course workshops that are offered to incoming students which align them on a uniform level and prepare them to use 3D design software, basic architecture design software, and other studio techniques. Apart from the above, the school also offers specialized courses such as Master in Landscape Architecture, Master in Urban Planning, and Master of Architecture in Urban Design.

Cornell AAP- Architecture, Art & Planning

The architecture program at Cornell University is one of the oldest in the country. Located in Ithaca, New York, the school offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in architecture. The Professional Bachelor of Architecture program consists of an intensive three-year core curriculum after which students branch out into their preferred area of specialization, namely 1) Visual Representation in Architecture 2)Architecture, Culture, and Society 3) History of Architecture 4) Architectural Science and Technology and 5) Architectural Analysis. At a graduate level, Cornell University offers professional, post-professional as well as an M.A. and Ph.D. Generally, architects passing out of Cornell have a high demand among top architecture firms in the country. Cornell has produced accomplished architects such as Richard Meier and Peter Eisenman.

Princeton University School of Architecture

Founded in 1919, the Princeton University School of Architecture is located in Princeton, New Jersey. Renowned for its advanced post-graduate degree, the school is alma mater to some of the most accomplished architects in the world. Robert Venturi, Joel Barkley, Tod Williams, and Keller Easterling are some notable alumni who have passed out of the School of Architecture. Graduate students have the option of choosing a professional degree, a M.Arch or a Ph.D. The MArch is a three-year course accredited by NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board) and consists of rigorous studio work, complemented by lectures in theory, history, analysis and technology of architecture.

The best architecture schools in USA are also some of the best in the world. Apart from the above four, aspiring architects can choose among the other well-known schools depending on their area of interest, be it of a professional or academic nature. The choice of school depends on variables such as faculty, infrastructure, alumni network, course content and more importantly a personality fit.

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