Unique Storage Ideas!

Storage is a major concern for people living in small houses. Several times we even contemplate moving to a new house. But wait, have you ever thought about creating new spaces within your existing house? Yes, you read it right! With these unique storage ideas you can create abundant space in your home sweet home!

Top Unique Storage Ideas

Wall-mounted storage

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The first in the list of unique storage ideas is wall mounted storage. This is truly beneficial for smaller kitchens. Once installed, you can even use it showcase your prized utensils!

Hidden Fridge Gap Slide-Out Pantry

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Do you also have left-out space after installing your fridge? If Yes, then do not waste that precious piece of your kitchen. Ask your carpenter to design a slide-out pantry and keep your goodies away from prying eyes!

Take out shelving and install slide out drawers in pantry

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This is amongst the best unique storage ideas. When things stack up fast, it makes sense to stack up your drawers too. Get one for your house and store things the easy way!

Stairs Drawers Hidden Storage

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Amongst all unique storage ideas, the hidden stair drawers is very uncommon to find. These type of drawers can easily accommodate several pair of footwear!

Pull-Out Storage Behind Bathroom Mirror

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"Mirror Mirror, which unique storage ideas is the best of all?" I am the best of all. I easily store your favourite scrub, face mask and the scented soap too!

To free up cabinet space, install a pot rack pendant light

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A very unique method to free up your congested kitchen. These serve the dual purpose of both beautifying the kitchen as well as making your kitchen less congested.

Slide-out Knife Block

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Children in the house love playing with whatever they can find. While children can't be controlled, atleast knives can be kept away from them. Get one in your kitchen and keep hazardous things away from children.

Double your cabinet space by using under the shelf racks

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The last one in the list of unique storage ideas can save you from the hassle of storing your cutlery set perfectly. Just double your cabinet space and store everything with ease!

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