Welcome the Goodness of Bamboo to your Interior Spaces

The vigours of bamboo are innumerable from being the tallest grass to the fastest growing entity with impressive tensile strength bamboo proves to be a versatile green building material. Bamboos can easily flourish in diverse climates ranging from hot to cold and dry to humid with little irrigation and minimal pesticides, which makes them universally available and safe. With some necessary processing and treatment, the use of bamboo in our interior spaces can be beneficial both aesthetically and for reducing the footprint of construction. Moreover, experimenting and collaborating with regional bamboo craftspersons can also empower them and lead to emerge of contemporary styles with due regards to the traditional systems.

Many designers have begun to realize the immensity of this wonder material and are increasingly moving towards innovating with it. Being one of the sturdiest natural materials on the planet, it can be easily incorporated with diverse decorative styles ranging from modern to classical, to rustic interior. Convincing clients to construct their houses entirely out of bamboo can be a challenging task; hence, we bring you some quirky ways to make the goodness of bamboo a part of Interiors:

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo wood has been promptly accepted as a robust option for flooring because of its low maintenance and natural links to certain hardwoods. It is processed, tested, and advocated for strength, soundness, eco-friendliness, and inherent stability to insects and dampness. It is ideal for areas where condensation and heat change are significant, especially in snowy cold areas. A mixture of styles, patterns, shades, and surfaces can be worked out to suit the project.

Bamboo Furniture

Lightweight bamboo furniture can be produced in many distinctive designs spanning from simple and functional to ornate and eccentric. Chairs, beds, benches, lampshades, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, etc. are made from durable bamboo-based material today, turn out to be stable, and sturdy, and low maintenance. Its excellent resistance to insects, scratches, and moisture makes it an ideal material for outdoor furniture as well.

Bamboo Partitions

Defining spaces is not just a function of solid walls anymore, a fun way to execute minimal space-consuming partitions can be well executed using bamboo. These walls are not structural but manage impact loads effectively, so there’s precisely nothing to worry about. Some ideas could be to use it as a perforated wall between the common areas such as living, dining, and the kitchen. One can adopt a suitable design from the Prefabricated and Ready to install Bamboo partitions that are commercially available or get it custom-made and installed at the site. Movable, foldable, sliding you name it, you can do it all with your creativity and imagination with this versatile green material.

Bamboo doors

A plethora of colors and types of doors and shutters can be constructed out of bamboo. These can be used as conventional doors or shutters for walk-in closets. Compressed bamboo is treated for a durable life cycle before it's used in these doors, hence have a lasting impact.

Image Credits: Green Goods

Highlighting the Staircase

Today staircases are imagined much more than vertical connectors; staircases act like sculptural elements catching the eye of viewers, amplifying the interiors, and hold enormous potential for the designers to show their design flair. The bamboo culm or its byproducts can replace materials like marble/granite/wood for treads, handrails, and skirting adding freshness to space while remaining pocket friendly.

Highlighter Walls

Accent walls are a super way to break the monotony of the space (bed back wall, TV Wall, washroom mirror wall, etc.) and make a statement. Bamboo cladding as a replacement to wallpapers, wood paneling, or textured walls works out wonderfully in bringing the residents one step closer to an earthy, striking, and comforting environment. To add a drama quotient and warmth to these walls, integrate them with LEDs to further escalate the ambiance of the room.

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