Best Affiliate programs for Interior Designers

If you run an interior design blog or website and have a decent-sized audience, one of the best ways to monetize it is to register in some affiliate programs for interior designers. Affiliate programs are customer acquisition channels for businesses where the business shares some of the revenue earned from a client with the referrer. For example, if you put up a post and link an Amazon product with your affiliate code in it, anybody who clicks on that and buys it from Amazon will earn you a commission.

For an interior design-focused blog, running an affiliate program from Furniture, Furnishings, and decor companies can be a good way to monetize without compromising the integrity of the blog.

Listed below are 4 of the best affiliate programs for designers in India:


Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the best worldwide. There are two major advantages of using Amazon’s affiliate program: 1) It has brand name recognition and consumer trust. So, any customers who are taken to their site are more likely to make a purchase; 2) It offers 10% commission on all Home & Kitchen related products, which is on the higher side compared to their competitors.


Flipkart’s affiliate program is also very good for the Home & Kitchen segment. They offer a very wide variety of products in the furnishings and decor segment. Their commission is on the lower side at 6%, but with their delivery reach and their product catalog, it can provide a steady source of income.


Pepperfry is the largest e-commerce player in India in the furniture and furnishings space. Due to being focused purely on this category, their product catalog is larger, more varied and better curated than the horizontal e-commerce companies. Pepperfry does not run its affiliate program directly but rather through an affiliate network called AdmitAd. You can register on the network and then post links to Pepperfry products. Pepperfry offers 5.62% commission on sales.


ShopClues may not be the biggest e-commerce player in the country, but they have a good presence in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. They also offer the highest commission for furniture and furnishings products at 11%.

While choosing an affiliate program to run, it’s not just the commission percentage that is important, but you should also think about how likely it is for a customer to complete the sale, how likely are they to return the product, etc. A higher number of sales at a lower commission rate might turn out to be better than lower sales at a higher commission rate.

Besides furniture and furnishings products, you can also become affiliates for other associated parts of the interior design industry. Interior design software is one such category. If you like or use a software, you can write a review of that and register with their affiliate program to earn a commission.

Infurnia, an online interior design software, has an affiliate program with a commission rate of 10%. Being completely cloud-based, it’s easier for designers to try the software before buying it, thus increasing the likelihood of a sale. You can read more about Infurnia’s affiliate program here.

The most important thing to remember is to be genuine with the products you are promoting. If you don’t like the product you are promoting, it will hurt your brand in the longer run.

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